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The 10 Crucial Steps to Virtually Guarantee Business Success!

Author: Dave Kelly

The 10 Crucial Steps to Virtually Guarantee Business Success!

Book Series: Being Successful At Business


Planes, mansions, and exotic cars. This is the dream that is presented to all prospective business owners that have ideas running through their minds. Without a proper guide, however, a prospective business owner is never going to get as far as they would want to. It is important to have a systematic approach to building a business like all of the most success entrepreneurs in the world have.

This book will list the ten most important steps to keep note of when looking to run a business. These tips are going to act as the foundation for every step that is taken towards being successful.

The dream is not going to happen overnight. Some might never get to the point where they are owners of planes, mansions, or even exotic cars. Yet, it is the process that matters, and implementing strategies that have proven to be effective is essential.

By using strategies that have worked for others, the road to success becomes easier. It is all about lessening the risks and getting more out of the idea that is being employed.

Great business leaders quickly understand the importance of having a structure in place that helps them keep going. This structure comes through planning, research, and just knowing what works in their chosen niche.

This book is going to go through all of the steps required to run a successful business and achieve the kind of success that is craved by millions of people on a regular basis.

Being Mentally Prepared for a Business

Mental preparation is imperative. An individual that is looking to reach the peak of their potential has to possess the kind of mindset that is going to help them thrive under pressure. It might seem fine to go in with any kind of mindset at first, but when things start getting tough, it is a personís will to continue that pushes them. Without this will to persevere, the chances of seeing success are essentially slim to none at best.

Here are some of the most important tips to consider when you are looking to be as mentally prepared as possible. These tips will help a person get through any part of life, let alone running a business, and that is essential. Become a better person and the rest will work itself out. A person that is determined has a better shot than a person who is ďqualifiedĒ. It has always been like this, and it will continue to be liked this. Being committed and having the drive to push forward is essential in the modern age of business.


It all begins with an ounce of patience. Running a business will not happen overnight, and it is going to require a certain amount of patience. Trying to rush ahead for the sake of getting the business up and running right away is not a great way to approach the task.

Setting up a business is going to require patience. It is going to require the ability to sit down and ponder over the decisions being made. These moments of self-reflection are key when making decisions, otherwise mistakes will happen.

It is always important to remain patient when running a business. It helps soothe the mind and get over hurdles that come along the way.


Being committed to the task is essential as well. If this is not done, it is never going to work out. A person who is not committed to their business will start to lose out on potential profits that could have been earned.

The most committed individuals are the ones who are able to get more out of their work. They are able to focus on the minor details and ensure everything is done to perfection. A person who is not committed and has their fishing rod in many ponds will never get the kind of results they covet.


Focus goes along with commitment. It is fine to be committed, but how much focus is being given to each step? It is easy to spend time on something, but that is different to spending ďqualityĒ time where productivity is apparent.

Setting up a schedule and getting breaks in is imperative. This will ensure being focused and on point with everything is easier to manage. It is certainly a challenge to focus, but that is part of the deal and has to be accepted.


Businesses are wonderful teachers. It will immediately become apparent how necessary it is to demonstrate initiative. If a person does not display initiative, they are not going to progress as quickly as someone that does.

Initiative does not mean going to major business tycoons and asking for their number or setting up a meeting. It can be something as simple as sitting down and researching future trends for the niche that has been selected.

It is all about ensuring steps are being taken to progress to the business. There should never be a moment where sitting idle is an option.


This is key, and many people donít understand this. Even if the business is being started up alone, people are going to come in who are critical to the success of the enterprise. These can be suppliers, distributors, or personal staff. Everyone has a role to play, and it is critical to be a great team leader and partner.

By showing everyone a certain amount of respect and listening to them, the chances of succeeding increase tenfold. They will be more willing to share their ideas, and that could lead to progress that might never have been imagined.


This is important, too. Many business people tend to get lost in their own worries and that causes their business to deteriorate. It is important to remain as positive as possible to get the most out of the business.

Positivity will start to make all of the hurdles easier to manage. They will not be as taxing and that is great for the mindset in general.

Plus, positivity has a great way of floating towards everyone around the business and creating this image of growth and development. Even if the business plan is not working out, it doesnít mean losing positivity is an option.

Risk Taking

The final tip when it comes to improving oneís mindset comes in the form of risk taking. Being a risk taker is essential for any business owner. When looking to push forward, there are going to be moments where money has to be put on the line. This is all part of the deal when it comes to running a fantastic business that will flourish.

Risk taking does not mean throwing money around without using common sense. However, well-researched decisions that have a bit of risk to them should be followed. These are the decisions that can help a business become successful right away. Trust the gut, as it is usually right.

These are some of the most important skills to have when trying to become successful in the long-term. Without doing so, it becomes impossible to see success. These are the most basic requirements in terms of a personís mindset going into running a successful business. Does this mean it is important to have all of these characteristics right off the bat? Of course not. Developing as a person is a part of the deal, and it takes time. No one is perfect otherwise everyone would be running great businesses and there would be no need to read this book.

Doing Your Research

Letís begin with the first stage of putting together a flourishing business. It requires a lot of hard work, but this is the stage where a person will quickly find out whether they are committed or not. The research has to be perfect because this will be referred to throughout the remaining steps. Poor research can lead to a business being started up in poor economic conditions where everything is crashing and burning.

This research does not only happen before the commencement of the business; it also takes place throughout the remaining part of the business, and that will be spoken about later on in the book. The goal has to be to always keep an eye on the market, read the trends that are ongoing, and just get a better understanding of what works and what doesnít. It is these details that end up mattering the most when looking to succeed. Here are some of the most important tips to consider when going about creating a solid foundation for the business to begin from.

It is important to do this research before putting together a business plan. The research will come in handy for a great business plan and should be kept in hand for that step (discussed in the next chapter).

Read Through Already Conducted Research

Research is important, as that can set the foundation for the business, but where to begin? It all begins with the research that has been conducted online. It is best to begin with other resources instead of going out and accumulating personal information right off the bat.

Most people will begin from this point because it is easier on them. There is no point in struggling to find information that has already been published by others.

Go through some of the major business publications in the niche and look at what they are saying. Use this as the base for the rest of the research. Always look to find multiple resources online when doing this, as one resource is not going to cut it.

Offline Methods

Donít forget moving away from the computer and/or related devices. It is far too easy for prospective business owners to start relying on their computer and the information that is available online. It is critical to use offline methods as well.

What kind of offline methods should be used? If this niche already has businesses running, why not look at what they are doing in person? For example, if an Italian restaurant is being successfully run, why not go and see what they are doing?

This can be a wonderful way to see how the market works in reality. How is their business? How is the food? Where could improvements be made?

All of this information would not be as easy to discover online. These real-time experiences will start to add up over time and become a key part of the research phase. Donít overlook this part and deem it to be unnecessary.

Take Surveys

Surveys are fantastic because they help gauge how the market is working. They provide a fantastic place to look when trying to assess the age, gender, and overall demographics of the market that is being sold to. Surveys are great because they can provide an outline to follow with the rest of the enterprise and its business plan.

Does this mean surveys are the only source of information that should be used? Of course not, they should only be one of the sources that are used. Having questionnaires and many other methods to gain information is essential in the modern age.

Get the Financial Data

This is essential for those who want to remain on top of any numbers that are involved. It is easy to lose focus when it comes to the financial data. It might make sense on paper in terms of the niche, but do the numbers match? This is a question that has to be asked immediately.

The best part about most of the financial data in the industry is that it is available online. It can be found, if a person is willing to look deeply into the industry and what it has to offer.

Look at all parts of the financial data that is on offer, not just present time data (as mentioned in the next tip).

Read Through Future Predictions

Future predictions are important because they can assist with risk assessment. When having a small forecast of what will happen in the industry 1, 5, and 10 years from now is massively helpful.

These future predictions can ensure a person knows they are going in the right direction and joining something that is still moving upwards. Donít join something that is trending downwards or could remain stagnant. This increases the risk, and therefore reduces the chances of making the right decision. Sometimes, it is fine to go into an industry that is stagnant, but only if it has been like this for a while and it wonít dip immediately.

Note Down Competitors

There are going to be competitors in any niche, and it is very rare to have a monopoly going. This is why it is critical to ensure all of the competitors in the niche are accounted for. Not only should they be accounted for, it is important to dive deeper into their operations.

Pretend as if the business is under personal control. What type of information would be necessary to know? Acquire this information (if possible) to gauge the rest of the market. Competitors can be a great resource for quality, real time information.

Assess Risk

The final tip in this chapter revolves around risk assessment. Research is done in order to assess the chances of seeing success in the niche and what it has to offer in terms of potential. IF there is no potential, the chances of seeing success are slim to none.

Avoid these types of niches as they are filled with risk and will cause more frustration than anything else.

Risk assessment can save people a lot of money before they invest time and funds into a specific venture. It is a way to safeguard from going bankrupt and putting all personal funds into something that has no chance of moving forward.

These are a few tips that will come in handy when looking to do research about the niche and the business itself. By doing research on the market, it can help you get a feel of what will work and what should be left alone. With the right approach, a business can be built in even the direst of markets. Yet, with the wrong approach, a business can fail in a flourishing market.

Having a Plan

A business plan is important for anyone who wants to prosper. Most financial institutions will not fund any new business, regardless of a personís stature, if they donít have a great business plan to present their idea. It is essential to win over everyone with the business plan and provide structure to the enterprise right away. It is this structure that can become the lynchpin for the rest of the set-up. The best part about a business plan is that it can provide solace during times of downswings (which come for everyone).

This chapter will take a glance at some of the most important tips to keep in mind when looking to put together a great business plan. The business plan is going to become an important part of the enterprise moving forward. If anyone asks what the business is looking to do, this business plan will be the answer to the query. It shows a sense of preparation that would otherwise be missing.

Market Research

This is where all business plans begin. Without having knowledge of the market, what is the point of penning down a business plan? This is why the previous chapter was of the utmost importance. It is going to become the main resource for the business plan to draw from. All of the research will already be done, it just has to be placed into the business plan and executed. As one can see, this makes the entire process easier to complete.

A businessperson can save a significant amount of time by completing the research beforehand.


As mentioned in the previous chapter, knowing your competition is key. It is essential to highlight all of the competitors and pinpoint what they are doing. Not only should these figures and facts be listed down, they should be used as the basis for what the business plan is going to entail.

A business plan with a great vision is one that focuses on the competition and improving on what they are already doing. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, simply take their work and just improve on it. Take it a step further and show the market something that has never been seen before.


Having a vision is not just for the sake of impressing people. It is for giving the entire business a sense of direction that might not have been otherwise possible. Donít forget to pinpoint these details in the long-term when talking about the business to other people.

The vision should speak volumes about what the business and its leaders want. What is the expected outcome from the business? Where do the business owners see the enterprise in 5-10 years from now? These are the questions that will be answered by a vision that has been written in the business plan.

Marketing Expectations

It is critical to list down how the product and/or services are going to be marketed. Of course, something is being sold, as that is what a business entails, but how will it be sold to the market? What will be done to garner the attention of prospective consumers that are ready to spend money?

These are questions that have to be answered in the business plan. Of course, over time the marketing plan might change, but this is just a nice little mock-up for the future. It will show how the funds are going to be distributed in the market. It will provide a sense of direction, which is the entire purpose of the business plan in the first place.

Financial Details

Donít forget to overlook the importance of the financial side of the business. This includes numbers revolving around the niche, the business itself, and anything related to expenditures. These are the sums that have to be completed beforehand.

No one is going to believe in a business that hasnít looked at the numbers. While future forecasts donít hold a lot of value, as these numbers can sometimes be optimistic, they still are necessary. It can provide a sense of structure.

Penning Executive Summary

This is perhaps the most important part of the business plan. If there is no emphasis on the business plan with an executive summary, no one will take the business plan seriously. An executive summary is essentially a little summary of what the business plan encompasses.

This helps guide the audience through the remaining part of the business plan. It will speak of the vision, key benefits, and what type of financial gains are in the offering with the business that will be implemented.

Edit Thoroughly

The final tip when it comes to putting together a business plan is perhaps slightly elementary. The goal is to edit thoroughly in order to ensure everything that is being done is perfect. Spelling mistakes and/or grammatical errors are a sign of poor work and carelessness.

Who is going to give funding to someone who does not even bother to read through his or her business plan before submitting it? No one will.

It is critical to have it read through by numerous people. Have it professionally edited before taking it out into the real world for everyone to see and pick through.

In this chapter, the goal was to help put together a fantastic business plan that explains what the business about, its goals, and the ultimate forecast (i.e. financially, and vision wise). The business plan is going to become an anchor for the rest of the business down the road. Donít let it fade away after funding has been acquired. Everyone that is involved in the business should have knowledge of what the business plan has to state. This does not mean the business plan is fixed and cannot be tweaked. It can be altered for those who want to see results, but the tweaks should be made with appropriate research.

Accounting for Financial Realities

This should be happening throughout the life of a business. The financial side of things is perhaps the most important aspect, as that is the reason for running a business in the first place. If the sums donít match up, what is the point of moving forward? Most people will not run a business that does not earn them money. If they donít pay attention to the financial sums, they are never going to be able to optimize their business for short and long-term success.

This chapter is going to pinpoint the best ways to ensure the financial standing of the business is as desired at all times. These little tips are going to ensure everything works out perfectly. If there is one place a business should not be making a mistake, it comes in the form of the financial aspects of a business. This is where people cannot only get into personal trouble, but legal trouble with tax agencies.

Use Professionals

It is highly recommend to go with a professional who understands what is required in terms of accounting. They will be able to guide the entire business in the right direction, as that is most important. If a professional is not at the helm, the business could make a mistake that could have easily been avoided. Donít get caught in such a situation, as it is highly unnecessary.

Of course, some businesses might not be able to afford going with a professional, but this should be one of the first goals. If this is the case, it is important to follow the next step carefully.

Record Everything

This is perhaps the most important tip anyone will ever get in terms of the financial side of things. It is critical to record everything that is being done in the business. If money is coming in, it should be recorded, and if it is going out, it should be recorded.

Do not overlook any transaction as that is going to have effect on the entire business. It might start off with a minor transaction, but these things will start to add up in a hurry. It is best to record everything, especially when a professional accountant is not on the payroll.

Expenses First

This is key, as a lot of people will start looking past the expenses. By focusing on the expenses, it is easier to keep note of what is working and what is not. The expenses have to be taken care of right away as they will start to add up, and that always hurts.

Many people will start looking at the profit margins and even how much money is going to go into their personal bank account, but that is a horrible way of going about things. The reason for moving focus away from personal gains has to do with ensuring the business is healthy. A lot of sacrifices end up being made, but all of them should not be coming at the enterpriseís expense.

Make Tweaks

The financial data that is being recorded and collated does not just sit around without any use. It is not only for tax purposes, it has a bigger role than this. To fully optimize a business, the best place to begin is the financial sums that have been calculated.

Find little holes that can be tweaked. It could be a hole in the production process, or a failed marketing campaign that has to be cancelled. Find these holes (they are easy to find) and make sure they are closed up before they cause further damage.

Separate Everything

It is far too easy for a business to start connecting personal and enterprise accounts together. Small business owners are known for doing this. The funds from both personal and business accounts are spent together, and that is a very risky proposition.

Always separate the accounts, as that is the only way to ensure all transactions are going through smoothly. Purchasing a coffee from a business account is silly and should be avoided at all costs. If this is done, it should be recorded in the business accounts summary like any other transaction would.

Donít Scam

This is pretty straightforward. Donít scam!

This is just remarkably silly for anyone that goes down this path. People who scam can cause a lot of damage to their business in the short and long-term. It is essential to avoid this at all costs and make sure the business does not get hurt because the system is being cheated.

Many business owners have lost their entire enterprise because they tried cheating the system or their consumers. This is a very short-term way of thinking and might lead to small gains, but long-term reputation loss is impossible to come back from. People will begin to blacklist names that are attached to scams, and from this point forward, it is impossible to earn funding and/or respect from anyone.

People who scam are going to live a very short life in terms of their business. The system will catch up to them and playing around with the numbers is a big ďno noĒ. Donít go down this road, and make sure everything is as transparent as possible from beginning to end.

This chapter pinpoints the significance of keeping both eyes on the financial side of the business. Ask any successful business person and they will speak volumes about how they pay attention to the funds that are coming and going out. This is the only way to make sure everything is going as desired and there arenít any holes in the business.

Businesses that try to ďwingĒ their financial numbers will always get caught out, and that is never a good thing. It is just bad business and will ruin the outlook of the enterprise as a whole, even if it has potential to grow and succeed. Taking an eye off this is going to cause a lot of dismay that is both unnecessary and unwanted. Donít get caught in a situation like this, as it will only lead to regrets.

Tracking the Market

It is time to turn the attention towards the market. This is not only about research, but also about ensuring the right decisions are being made from start to finish. There are many details to ponder over and it all begins and ends with the market itself. There are too many people who forget about the market and stop reading the trends that are ongoing. Look at the worldís leading businesses and it becomes apparent how important trends are.

This chapter will discuss how to assess the competition, market, and overall business industry. This will ensure the right decisions are being made at all times. If this is not done, the chances of succeeding are slim to none for anyone that is serious.

Social Networks

The market is best tracked through social networks in the modern age. This is where business partners, financial institutions, and prospective consumers congregate under one umbrella. It simply does not get better than this in order to gauge what is taking place in the market right now.

People are regularly updating their accounts and want to remain on top of the trends that are ongoing. This is the only way to make sure the market is being read properly. A business person who is not willing to dive head first into social networking is missing out on a lot of quality information that could be used as a means of tweaking their business.

Ask Around

This is one of the simplest ways of getting more out of the business in the short and long-term. There are so many businesses that refuse to just go out and ask around. This does not mean only consumers (which will be discussed in the next tip), but also ensuring everything is being done as required.

Asking around is all about speaking to people who are in and around the industry. This is to ensure they are also giving off the vibe of something being done in the industry (whether it is positive or not depends on the niche itself). This will ensure the business is on top of what is going to take place and makes changes accordingly.

Understand Competitors Online and Offline

Competitors are key, as they are the ones who are going to be challenging for the top spot. Whoever is able to get to the top of the market is going to rule for a while. Consumers like the idea of going with the best, and that will only happen when they are impressed. It can have a snowball effect, as a business that is able to convince its consumers about the quality being offered is already ahead of the game. The competition will become meaningless at that point, but no business begins from this point. It is earned over time.

This is why the market has to be understood through the competitors present in the niche. This includes looking at their financial figures, marketing decisions, and leadership group. In a sense, competitors are like real life examples of what works and what does not.

Speak to Customers

Donít be afraid to go out and speak with current and prospective consumers. Who is going to be giving you the money after all? They are the ones who are holding all the leverage and they will want to receive answers. If the business is willing to go out and listen to their needs and wants, the business is already getting ahead of its competition.

By speaking to consumers, it is important to get the kind of results that are being craved by one and all. This does not only have to be through surveys and questionnaires, but through feedback that is available on the company website.

The goal is to provide consumers with the ability to speak with a representative in order to air their concerns or praise what is being done. This will win points with the consumers, and provide real-time market research to the business and its management.

Niche Conferences

There are many conferences that are held throughout the year. Many of the large industries use these conferences as a means to help people connect and network better. This is one time where people are able to meet others in the same industry and get a feeling of how things are going.

A lot of great partnerships are made at these niche conferences and they should be attended from time to time. This is the only way to ensure the information that is being provided on the market is accurate. There is no better resource than people who are already in the industry and are doing the same research. This does not mean people are going to give away their secrets, but a lot of great information is provided in these 2-3 day affairs. Always use them for the enterpriseís benefit. Even if nothing happens, it can help get the word out about the business itself.

Gaining Access to Competition Talent

This is one of the neatest tricks in the book. When trying to beat the competition, it is always nice to poach their talent. Keep tabs on the best in their business and make sure they understand the enterprise is interested in their talents. Be willing to pay extra for these specialists, because they will help beat the competition in one shot.

It is also important to watch out for competitors and their approaches on your enterpriseís employees. It is highly possible they are using the same strategy, and thus having all of the best employees secured beforehand is key.


The suppliers are a key part of the distribution process. They are the ones who are going to be delivering the products and/or materials that are going to be used. If the suppliers are not on the same page as the business, it can cause a lot of struggles down the road.

Many businesses begin to realize the value of their suppliers when the market research is being completed. Suppliers have a great feel of what is working and what is not. Donít be afraid to speak to them in order to get a feel of what is working and what could be changed.

Use the tips provided in this chapter to make sure the market is being properly assessed. This should be an ongoing process for a business owner who wants to be as successful as possible. This is a lifelong journey and the market is never stagnant. It is going to change with time and that is what makes it important to remain on top of things at all times.

Learning to Make Tweaks Along the Way

A fantastic business is never going to be one that is highly focused on just staying with the status quo. It might work for a while, and it might even work for a long time, but there is going to come a point where the business falters. When it does falter, the status quo is going to cause a lot of damage that could have easily been avoided. There are some changes that have to be implemented in order to stay ahead of the market at all times.

Making tweaks is a key part of the business, and those who understand will be able to remain ahead. Look at some of the worldís largest companies: they all have one thing in common, and that is the importance given to innovation. They want to remain ahead, and this can only be done when they are innovating and challenging themselves. Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when looking to make tweaks to the business model.

Changing Brand Identity

The brand identity is critical. Too many businesses will get stuck with one type of brand identity and just stick with it forever. This is not how success is found, because it can lead to becoming stagnant. Show some prosperity by tweaking the brand identity from time to time. This does not mean a complete revamp is required as that is too drastic and highly unnecessary.

This is especially true if a new unit is being introduced into the business. Many businesses do expand over time and this is when they should be looking to tweak their business model. Donít just throw it in with the rest of the set-up as that could tarnish the business as a whole. Make it an extension of the entire business, as this will ensure consumers donít blow apart the remaining business by connecting the two.

Hiring New People

This is essential and kind of ties in with the concept of going after competitors and their talent. This can be a wonderful way of getting someone that has trained in the industry and understands what is required to succeed in the short and long-term.

Hiring new people will also bring new perspectives into the fray. The company can start to become stagnant if the same people are around on a regular basis. This does not mean great employees should be shunned and removed, but they should be given incentives and promoted. If they are good enough, they will work even harder. Hiring new people is just a way to push those who are already there to continue making changes and helping the culture of innovation develop.

Giving Importance to Innovation

Innovation is a big part of a business and how it is doing in the long-term. It is these changes that are going to ensure the business is going in the right direction. It is far too easy to start sitting on the rewards of the past and assuming that great results are going to continuously flow in for years to come.

A great business is one that is looking to tweak what they have to ensure they are getting the most out of their enterprise. A culture of innovation is going to make sure the business has something to look forward to and showcase to their consumers. Loyal consumers want new stuff, and they will flock in hordes to a business that has proven itself in the past. Donít miss out on this opportunity to gain even more income.

Upping Goals

It is far too easy for a business to continue towards the same goal. Letís assume the business started out with a goal of making $1 million by the second year in profit. Sounds nice and reasonable for a business in the industry that was selected, but the business ends up reaching the goal in less than a year. Wow! This is great news isnít it? They have met their goals and now can just sit back right? Wrong, it is time to raise the bar now.

Increase the goal to over $2 million and donít sleep until that goal is achieved. These are the changes that have to be done to goals as time goes by. Sitting still and letting the results do the talking might sound nice and be easy to show off with, but that is never the right approach. This will only lead to the business failing to get the most out of its successes, and that is horrible for its long-term viability. Do not get sucked into this kind of thinking as it will come back to bite.

Create New Units (if possible)

The final tip when it comes to ensuring tweaks are being made comes through creating new units in the business. For example, a technology business could create a new wing in the department that is responsible for creating a specific type of hardware. A restaurant could create a new section that is designed to handle desserts.

These new units should be introduced over time to leverage the brand and all of its power. This is key, as it not only signifies innovation, it shows the business is not willing to sit on its hands and wants to impress consumers.

When a successful period is occurring, it is time to distance the enterprise from its nearest competitors. There is never a point where someone can just sit on their hands and expect to rule the industry. If the business does not do it, someone else will, and they will take the market. Donít give someone else the chance to swoop in and make the change just because it was assumed the status quo was good enough. There is always room to earn more money, regardless of how successful the enterprise is.

The tips provided here are essential for businesses that want to survive for decades. This is not a short-term change that is going to be implemented. There is a lot more to the process than just looking for a few yearsí worth of success. A lot more is required. The tips here are going to ensure business owners are able to get more out of their business by creating a culture that is based on innovations that are both evolutionary and revolutionary.

Donít be afraid to make tweaks along the way. A great business model is one that is open to changes and can still survive without falling apart at the first sign of trouble.

Marketing Online and Offline

Marketing is a big part of business, and all business owners realize this. A lot of money is spent every year on different types of marketing tactics in order to get the word out about new products and/or services. This is the nature of the beast, and those who rule with their marketing can spread very quickly. Great marketing campaigns create more dollars than anything else.

This chapter will provide a series of tips that should be taken into consideration when putting together a great, sustainable marketing plan. Leading marketing experts have also stated these tips are critical for any business that is looking to move ahead in their niche.

Read Marketing Environment

A common mistake that is made by people running a business has to do with going head first into any marketing campaign. It might work in another niche, but does it work in your chosen niche? This is impossible to find out without doing adequate research on what others are doing in the industry. It is far too easy to lose a lot of money because the industry was not looked at before spending funds on a certain advertising campaign.

Look at Demographics

This is key, as certain demographics respond better to specific advertising campaigns. Donít get confused by going head first into a certain marketing campaign and than losing a lot of money. It is essential to look at the target market and where they should be advertised too. For example, a younger target market is probably best targeted online. They are always using devices that are connected to the Internet and will love seeing these ads while they surf the Internet. This is therefore the best way to target them.

Social Media

This is one of the most effective tactics in the game right now. Enterprises are spending millions of dollars on social media accounts. They want to remain on top of things and ensure the market understands what is being sold to them.

Connecting to customers and showcasing what the brand has to offer is of tremendous value. Donít get lost in the details and then become confused as to why things are not working. Social media accounts are essential in the modern age, and all of the great businesses around the world are using these platforms.

Emphasis on Brand

When marketing, it is easy to stick to the product and/or service that is being sold. This is not the only thing that is being marketed and it should not be the key focus of any campaign. In fact, it is the brand that has to be sold, and that can only be done when the brand is focused on purposely.

Donít just sell the products, sell the brand too. Show people why the brand is trustworthy and they will begin to purchase all of the products and/or services that are being sold. They want to see why the business is worth it, and this can happen by selling the brand to them.

Build a Solid Pricing Strategy

A pricing strategy is key, as consumers donít want to spend a certain amount of money blindly. They want to be able to get a great deal for their money, and that means being patient with the pricing strategies. Do not price blindly as that is going to lead to customers being lost.

Now, this does not mean it is fine to start pricing too low in order to undercut everyone else. There are certain niches where businesses that are selling higher prices tend to be valued more. There is a connection that can be made between pricing and how valuable a service is. This is why reading the market and what type of money is being spent in the industry is key.

Look at What Competitors are Doing

The competition is not going to just sit on their hands when it comes down to marketing. They will be just as eager to capture the market and spend funds on marketing to the target audience. Remember, they are in the same boat and will be using certain strategies to get more sales.

This can be a wonderful case study for a business to look through. How are the consumers reacting to these marketing campaigns being done by competitors? Are they appreciative of the approaches being used?

Donít Be Afraid to Go Offline

This is essential, as too many businesses are now assuming it is fine to stick to online marketing, as that is what people get drawn towards. Of course, being online is important, and having a presence there is critical, but that does not mean offline marketing is dead.

In fact, offline marketing has the most money spent on it in the short and long-term. This reality will not be dying out anytime soon for those who want to see results. Offline marketing is something that works and will continue to work as time goes on because people want to see innovative ways of marketing.

Mobile Marketing

The final tip is one of the latest trends in the world of marketing. Mobile marketing is something that does a lot for business owners around the world. Mobile marketing is a rapidly growing market because most people are now switching over to smart phones.

With this influx of people going over to smart phones, the potential for advertising to the market has increased significantly. Donít be afraid to spend money on mobile marketing because it has a lot of potential for those who are getting into it right now. The revenue numbers have doubled every year from mobile advertisements.

This chapter should have provided the key tips necessary for gaining a foothold in the market by advertising properly. There are going to be failed marketing campaigns and this is all part of the deal that comes along with businesses. Marketing is not always straightforward, and there are risks involved. The tips shared here are great for any business that is looking to stay modernistic with its strategies and want to make sure they are getting ahead of the curve. These are proven tactics that are used all around the world to great effect.

Being Legally Sound

What is one of the worst nightmares for any business owner in the modern age? It has to do with getting into legal trouble with the authorities. This can stain the reputation of an entire brand, hurt the company finances, and be demoralizing for the entire business. This is why it is critical to remain on the right side of the law at all times.

Yet, there are many people who end up making mistakes that could have been avoided with a bit of research. Remember, each state has its own requirements when it comes to how a business is established and/or run. To make sure these details are being focused on, a certain amount of research should be done on the legal side of things.


This is as simple as it gets for any business. If the documentation is not on point, the chances of getting caught are very high. Businesses get into trouble because they donít have the right documentation, and this leads them to face numerous legal battles. Remember, the company does not have to be guilty in order to face legal prosecution. It can happen to anyone, and the company should be prepared at all times to face these battles head on instead of having to pray and hope things go away.

Professional Help

The same advice was given when it came to hiring an accountant, and things donít change when it comes to legal work. Having a lawyer on board that has years of experience in handling these matters is critical for the success of a business. They will be able to take care of these problems on behalf of the business and that can save a lot of headaches for a business owner.

Sure, it is an expense that has to be dealt with, but it is often worth the hassle when legal trouble knocks on the door.

Detach Self From Business

There are too many business owners who tend to attach themselves to their business. This does not mean at an emotional level, but at a financial level. This is where they are making a huge mistake and jeopardizing the entire business along the way too.

It is critical to detach from the business and make sure it is not being affected by personal decisions. This will lead to legal troubles that are difficult to explain. No one wants to be placed in this kind of situation for too long, as the questions can become very uncomfortable to answer.

Research Trademarks Heavily

One of the most painful experiences a business owner can go thorough is a battle of trademarks. Imagine having set up a great brand and making millions of dollars for someone to swoop in and say the logo has been stolen from them? They take out a legal document and immediately the business is being taken to court over the trademark.

A lot of businesses have to pay a significant amount of money when their trademark is stolen. If a business is lucky, they will just be asked to change the trademark, yet some even have to pay back a certain amount for using the trademark.

Set-up Great System for Employees

Employees are great for the business, but they can also bring along with them a series of problems. If there are issues at the HR level, it can create a lot of chaos internally, which is horrible. A business that is caving in with legal troubles involving employees will often not survive. Treat the employees well and donít let them get into a situation that is going to ruin everything for the enterprise itself.

Sign Contracts That Can Be Handled

The final tip revolves around being able to sign contracts that ensure the business is keeping track of everything. A lot of businesses will be inundated with contracts and the chance to earn a lot of money, but they will then realize it is impossible to handle the workload.

When this happens, a lot of businesses will fold up and have to cancel contracts. This is horrible for the business in the short and long-term. Contracts should be focused on properly in order to get the kind of results that are needed, and the brand should not be impacted (if the workload is too much).

This chapter should be read over again and again for those who are worried about getting into legal trouble. Remember, it does not matter how powerful a business is, it will get caught up in these legal matters and no one will be lenient. These types of troubles should be avoided at all costs because they are horrible for the business at all levels.

Be Willing to Listen

This is a common mistake made by new business owners who are entering the market. There is a sense of bravado in the way they do business, and it is critical not to get sucked into such behavior. It is horrible for the business and will lead to making decisions that are ineffective. It is important to ensure listening becomes a habit right away. The last thing anyone needs to see happen is for great advice to go unheard.

There are multiple reasons for learning how to listen as a business owner. Being oneís own boss is fine, but that does not mean listening is not essential. Listening is critical for anyone who wants to progress and see their business develop into a major success. Letís take a look at some of the reasons for being willing to listen, and why it plays a role in the ultimate success of an enterprise.

Leads to Innovation

This is one of the most important reasons for being willing to listen. There is nothing worse than losing out on a great idea because of the inability to listen. No one wants to get stuck into such a situation, but every so often this is exactly what occurs.

It is essential to learn the importance of innovation and then to listen to other creative minds. Those who are able to listen are able to gain ideas from others around them. This is one of the major reasons why having open ears is always a positive.

Does this mean the ideas that are being presented are always going to be worthwhile? Of course not, since there are many ideas that are just not good enough. However, the idea of listening is to create an opportunity where a great suggestion will make its way through.

Innovation is often an idea away, and this makes listening critical. Not all innovation will come from the owner; it can come from anyone that is in and/or around the business.

Shows Teamwork

Employees adore bosses who are not only kind, but are willing to listen to their suggestions and even implement them. There is a reason for showcasing the ability to listen, and it goes beyond the simple act itself.

When creating a work environment that is filled with positivity, teamwork is often the first sign of great strides being taken. There is nothing worse than having a team that is not acting like one, big unit. If there are too many individuals with opposing opinions, the results can often be catastrophic.

Make sure teamwork is considered essential, as that is what matters in the end. Bosses that pay attention to the thoughts and ideas of their employees are well respected, and this passes down throughout the entire enterprise. Everyone begins to work hard for one another and this is how loyal employees are created in the end.

Never be afraid to create an environment where teamwork is considered imperative.

Creates Healthy Environment

This continues on with the idea of teamwork, but takes it a step further. A healthy work environment is a place where competition is rife, but it is not affecting those who are working in a negative manner. Those who do the best should be rewarded on merit without favoritism.

A healthy environment is built through listening. It involves listening to consumers, coworkers, and everyone else that is involved in the business. All it takes is a few minutes of listening and making sure what they want is being considered.

Spreads Goodwill

Listening is an important step towards business success because it helps create goodwill. Remember, the business is a brand of its own, and thus it is critical to make it sound as good as possible. A brand that is known for treating its employees well will resonate with the target audience.

Why is this the case? If the target audience is a bunch of adults who are going through the daily 9-5 grind, they will by empathetic to employees who are being treated poorly. They will not want to buy from a brand that treats its employees poorly. This creates a negative image that is very hard to shake off.

There is a reason why many big companies have got into trouble for child labor. They were exploiting young children to do work for them in a bid to save money, and people stopped purchasing from them. Donít get into such a position even if it isnít as extreme.

Shows Willingness to Excel

Talking about progression and following through on steps that push the business are entirely different. Everyone can talk a good game, but who is ready to step up to the plate and push the business forward? There are only a select few bosses who take the kind of chances that mean well and truly lead to success.

When a boss is listening, the employees begin to understand the level of importance being given to excelling. They will begin to improve their suggestions in a bid to impress the boss, and that is a true ďwin-winĒ situation for the business and its workers.

These are some of the reasons for ensuring listening becomes an ingrained habit. It might take a while, and there are going to be moments where information is filtered out, but that does not mean the intention is not there. When the intention to listen is there, the rest will work itself out. This is the beauty of being willing to listen to everyone around the business.

Try to Separate From the Mundane Tasks

The final step towards business success comes in the form of separating from mundane tasks in the business. An owner (especially with a small business) will have to immediately learn the importance of not doing all of the hard work. The goal for the business owner is to manage the enterprise, not run it every step of the way. This is why specialists are key as they handle the rigorous duties that take hours upon hours to complete.

How is this possible for a new business on a low budget? Of course, there might be times where hiring a lot of employees is just not feasible. This is understandable, but the goal should be to separate the management from the rest of the business. The management has to lead; the employees are going to do the work.

Remember, the division does not occur between the management and the employees; it comes between the work that is being completed. There is no need for the management to treat their employees poorly in a bid to avoid mundane tasks.


The reason for letting specialists handle the mundane tasks is because they do them better. They are able to understand what is required of them and pay focus to these tasks. If a business owner is doing everything, it is both tiring and almost impossible to manage.

Most people are not able to handle these kind of workloads and end up harming their business, and their body too. Just imagine the amount of work that goes into running a business and imagine doing it alone. There isnít a single corporation in the world that has one man do everything, and there never will be because the work is downright impossible to manage.

Learn to hire specialists and only get the best of the best. These are the people who are going to do the tasks while the boss runs the show. This is the type of balance that is needed in the modern age of business for those who want to push forward and get the kind of results they desire.

This step might not seem important at the moment, especially for someone who is still beginning to formulate a business plan, but it does play a role down the road. It is smarter to be prepared for this kind of reality right away instead of having to do too much work and burning out. This happens far too often with small business owners who are looking to get their stamp on every part of the business. Let the specialists take care of the details and they will start to do a great job. It is fine to do a few checks and balances, but the majority of the hard work should be done by those who are hired to do it.


Thank you for reading this book. You will have gained knowledge as to what business success entails. It is not easy to simply get up and put together a prodigious business. You will need a certain amount of acumen and talent to progress.

The tips provided in this book will take a while to implement, but this is the foundation required for continuous success. It is not one step; it is a series of steps that are going to take a businessperson to the end line. Without these little details, it is near impossible to gain the kind of success required to be monetarily stable and run a business that is worthwhile.

A successful business requires patience and the ability to focus on what is needed most. When a personís priorities are straightened out, it becomes easier to get the kind of results that are coveted. Use the tips in this book to great a wonderful base to launch off. All the great business leaders around the world have used these steps to become prominent successes in their chosen niches.

Running a business is not only about taking risks, it is about being confident and self-assured every step of the way. It is about having this undying belief that success is right around the corner. With this mindset, it is easy to get the kind of results needed. All good things take time, and running a business is no different.