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The Cheapskate's Guide To Running A Household - Get Everything Your Family Needs And Still Have Money Left Over!

Author: Kate Carrilly

The Cheapskate's Guide To Running A Household - Get Everything Your Family Needs And Still Have Money Left Over!

Book Series: Cheapskates Guide Series


Anyone that owns a home should learn to save. Even if you're well off, learning to be somewhat of a cheapskate when it comes to maintaining your home is beneficial, so you can have even more on hand. Once a few methods are put into place, the cost of living can be a lot easier on you, and then you can use your money for more than just your home's expenses.

Many people aren't aware of just how much money they waste each day on everything. You may think a dollar here and there isn't much, but every day you spend even an extra two dollars could end up costing you $730 a year. Considering people waste way more than that all the time even if they don't have a lot of money, thinking about saving is crucial to being better off in the long run.

If you haven't spent a lot of time going over your expenses it is time that you're basically giving away your money when you don't have to. You probably think that rich people are that way because they're lucky. While that's true in some cases, a lot of the time that's because they watch every penny they spend, and they maximize what they're doing to make more money. You may not get rich by saving, but you will start to notice a difference in how much more you can afford than before.

Even if you don't have a house and just rent, you can use these tips to save. It's just a matter of figuring out what applies to you and how you can put it into practice. Picking and choosing what is right for your family and what can be saved on is important so you can keep everyone in the home safe and well cared for. Anything that you can do to make sure your home is running great and saving money is good for everyone involved.

People think that they are working hard and don't get much for it. Even if you're not getting paid a lot of money where you work you can still save much more than everyone else and start to feel like you are actually earning more. Once you put this advice to good use it should net you extra money that you can save up for something nice or for an emergency.

The best way to proceed from here would be to go through and read each set of tips provided in this guide. That is going to help you to see that there are many ways to determine where your money is going and think through which of these tips are relevant to you. You can use them all or you can mix and match those that work. Either way, they will be useful in any situation where someone is living in a home whether it is with their family or on their own.


One of the main things you'll spend money on in a home will be food and beverages. This is because everyone has to eat, and most people that eat regularly do so three or more times a day. Plus, you have to account for what people drink because many people don't rely on just tap water. To top all of that off there are generally snacks around a home so that's something that needs to be accounted for as well.

There are many things that you can get cheaper than what you are if you only buy name brands. Most stores create their own style of popular items, and so you can be sure to take advantage of this. You may not think that everything that's cheaper and from the store is the same, but a lot of the time the ingredients are and the taste is almost the same.

Any of the items you're buying, you may want to look into buying more in the way of quantity. That allows for you to make sure that you save because there are discounts when you buy larger packages of food or drinks like cans of soda. If you go to the store once a week but you have enough space to fit in groceries for two or more, you may as well buy items that are larger. They generally cost far less, and to top it off you won't have to waste your money or time trying to get to the store.

Coupons can really help you to save a lot of money because they are a way to get money off of any item really that you can think of. However, some of the time you may find coupons for something you wouldn't generally try, so you may have to switch it up depending on what you can find them for before going to the store. Some people even do extreme coupon shopping where they get a lot of items all at once for just a few dollars, but the problem with this is that you'll have a lot of one or two things on hand you may never use.

To find coupons it's as easy as getting online and searching for the store's name along with coupons. Some places may have a rewards program where you can load coupons onto your card before you go out to shop. Others may just have you get your coupons out of the paper. There are also those that you can get that are printable, but be cautious that you're getting these from a trusted source because if they're fake the store won't take them.

Many items go on sale all the time, and the store's insert in the newspaper or from the front entrance will have a lot of these deals listed. Most places also have special tags they place onto items as well as clearance bins. If you are going to buy something on clearance it may be because it is being sold because it's starting to get old so make sure you don't buy anything that is expired or that doesn't look like it's edible.

Always buy food for you to take to work so you're not tempted to eat out or use the snack machine. While you may think a few bucks each day for lunch and snacks is no big deal, consider taking your own food because it will probably cost you just a dollar or two to prepare or less. That means you're going to have a lot more to work with each day for a lot less and it's probably healthier this way depending on what you get.


There are many places around that promise to sell items at a very low rate such as for a dollar. However, if you do end up buying into this, it may end up costing you in the long run. That is because when you buy something that's cheap like a cleaning solution, you have to buy more of it. These discount stores stay in business because their products need to keep being reused often and break down easily.

When you're going to buy something like a plunger, for instance, if you go with a version that's a dollar or two and made in a cheap manner it probably will fail on you after a few uses. If you were to just bite the bullet and buy one that's a little more such as for ten dollars that may mean you won't have to replace it as long as you have your home. Think about that because if you buy the same item over and over eventually the cheap option is more than the expensive one.

Cleaning solutions that are stronger but more expensive can go much further in the long run. If you were to buy something for cleaning floors that was from a cheaper brand or place then you may have to go through a whole bottle per cleaning and that could cost you quite a bit over time. With a more expensive and powerful option that you dilute yourself or that is just very strong as it is, you can use a little at a time and make it go further.

Remember that when you have to go back to the store in your vehicle, it's costing you gas money. Plus in that time you could have been cleaning or working around the home instead. So, when you go with a cheap option when it comes to tools for your home they may work out but generally right in the middle of something you'll have to go out and get more or try something else. It's not worth it to risk having everything not work out right because then your project will take far longer than expected and cost you more.

Even a vacuum is something that isn't really worthwhile to skimp on. If you're going to be using it on a regular basis then it's going to have to stay together through heavy use. Sure, you may save a bit of money with a cheaper one with a bag in it, but you'll have to replace the bag and belts all the time making it end up costing you far more than a more expensive option over time. Anything that will be used a lot needs to be able to hold up over the years so you're not wasting money all the time replacing things.

This doesn't mean that if you find something for cheap it's always bad. Some of the time the dollar or two items are even better than their expensive counterparts. To learn about what is good you don't have to test anything. Just go online and see if you can find the products with reviews attached to see what other people think. Most websites that aren't owned by the company selling the product will let people speak their minds, so they will generally let you know when they feel like they wasted money.


You may not think about how much your plumbing at home and water are costing you, but chances are if you never checked into it this wastes a lot of your money. Look to your bills and see if they're high, or just look into your plumbing to see what you can do to save. You'll probably be able to cut your bills quite a bit, and since that will offset the cost over time it's worthwhile to look into carefully.

To save money it's a good idea to start working with a plumber by having him or her come and do an initial inspection. You can ask all of your questions from what your toilet is like and how much water it uses to if there are any leaks you should be aware of. This is a good investment because then you can start to come up with a plan on how to replace things or fix them to make sure you're saving the most.

It may seem like it's going to just cost you money to do something like get a new water heater, but in the long run it will pay for itself as well as for any installation costs. The fact is that once you have everything in place, if you pay a rate for your water it will go down drastically each month or pay period that you have set up. The best part about this is that if this is done to maximize how much you save you'll actually start to make more than your money back and then some.

When you're able to fix a problem yourself you need to really think through about what you're about to do so you can see if it's actually a good idea or if maybe you should call in a professional. While it may seem like a good idea to start working on a problem yourself using what you know, if you were to fix it but later it came back worse that would make you have to pay far more than getting the repair done correctly in the first place.

A lot of people think that they know plumbing, but in reality they may not. One example would be if you found someone that's not licensed in your area that says they can do the work for far less than anyone else. Sometimes this isn't a good idea, however, because they are basically telling you they didn't take the time to train or get the proper licensing, which means they may not be that good. Even family members that claim to know what they're doing sometimes really don't and shouldn't be utilized.

Look at your water bill closely each month so you can see if the prices are going up on what you're paying. If this isn't just a companywide increase, then you'll need to figure out where the problem is and try to care for it before your next bill comes in. If you find a problem and fix it and that doesn't fix the problem you may be dealing with more issues than that and may need a plumber to do a full inspection to make sure you aren't facing anything too serious.

Remember not to let anyone flush anything down the toilet that could clog it. It is best to just have a trash can with a lid in the bathroom so anything can be thrown in there and not seen later on if need be. Also, don't go pouring chemicals into places like your bathtub for a clog because it could eat through the clog and the tub. Learn what the chemicals are that you use and what materials they're safe to use with because some things aren't even good for the types of pipes you have.


You don't have to be an expert at engineering to do a simple repair in your home. Something like fixing your flooring up or patching a hole in a wall isn't really that difficult. If you can just teach yourself a few ways to fix common problems, you can save hundreds on repair costs. Many people discount themselves before they even try, and if that's like you it's best to believe you can do it. Sometimes it won't be right the first time, but if it's not that costly of a project or problem you're working with it won't cost much to keep trying.

All of the home repairs that can be done are probably online for you to learn more about. You can go to a search engine and type something in like how to fix a cracked tile to learn a step-by-step method of doing so. If you're not someone that likes to learn through text, then you shouldn't have a problem with learning about something through doing a video tutorial because there are a lot of those online. It's just a matter of going through what you can to see what is out there.

It's recommended that if you can get something fixed in a cheap way or an expensive way on your own, you at least go with the best option you can afford. This is because when you do a repair you want it to last and not end up needing to be taken care of again. You don't have to buy something like a gold plated faucet to fix your broken one, but a middle of the road version would last you far longer and work better than a very cheap one.

Learn what caused you to have to do the repairs so that you're not stuck with having to keep coming back to take care of it time and again. In the long run it's worth doing something right and making sure it works than just doing an okay job and leaving it to chance. Many repairs can be outsourced to someone that's good at what they do if you don't think you have the skills, so don't be afraid to do so.

Remember to be gentle with your home and the things in it so that problems don't happen. Don't slam doors, hook up too many things to an outlet, and basically just think before you do anything. Even just the simple act of dropping something heavy on accident can cost you a lot of money. Most of the time accidents can be avoided if you are willing to be as careful as possible by taking your time.

With a home repair there are many tools you can have on hand to take care of each problem. It's good to be prepared because if you can't be then you're going to be stuck with having to run out and figure out what you need on the spot. Having a basic tool kit along with varying tools you can afford will help you only if you're willing to make sure you learn how to use them. There are many ways to test your skills with tools such as woodworking so that could be helpful to learn about.


Kids can help you to do housework while you're at work or when you have other things to do. Not only is this helping you, it also helps them to learn more about being responsible. If they're old enough to do simple tasks, then you can have them help and eventually that will lead to them doing a lot of the work that needs to be done. After all, you're not going to be charging rent at a young age and do spend a lot of money on them and so if they can help you save time that is beneficial in the long run.

When you're thinking about why this is going to save you money it may seem silly. However, if you consider what you can get done instead of those chores like work a little more or get some grocery shopping done then you can see that your time translates to money saving. They always say that to make money it takes time, and there are ways to better use your time while chores are being taken care of.

One chore that's easy for small children would be to help you with folding laundry. That's not very heavy work, and all it takes is a couple of lessons before they can do it on their own. Because this is time consuming in a family with children, if they can learn to do this then it's a lot easier for you to find time to do something like make dinner instead of having to go out due to not having anything ready enough to get them fed before you have something else planned.

Try to come up with a chart of some kind with a reward system. If they are able to do a certain amount of chores that get marked off of a list, then you can treat them to something special that isn't too expensive. It's a good way to get them to get more done in a faster way, and it also helps them to understand that when they work hard they do get rewards in life. Become someone that enriches them and teaches them how to make a life for themselves later on through hard work.

Teaching a child how to do a more dangerous chore like cleaning with chemicals needs to be done only if they're old enough to understand what they're doing. It does you no good to try to get a young kid to clean counters in the kitchen after you cook if you have to stand there and tell them what to do every time. Instead, teach that to a teenager so that you can just let them know how dangerous messing with the chemicals is and what to do if any gets on them.

Always be willing to deal with mistakes as they come up. It will come to be that something isn't done right or you find out the child was trying to act like they did the work when they really just made it look like they did. Don't get frustrated and just let them know that when it's done right then they can count it towards their chores and get the reward for it. If this behavior keeps up then you can think of another way to deal with it, but by just flying off the handle you're going to make them not want to do anything again or may make them just better at hiding their poor work.


Coupons and sales were touched on in the section about groceries, but these kinds of things can help on anything you may need. There are sales and coupons that help you to get any items and even services at times. The key to taking advantage of all of this is to know where to look for the items and figuring out when you can expect to save to get the most bang for your buck.

A coupon can be found in many ways, and if you're looking for one a good place to start is on social media. This is because companies sometimes give out deals for varying products or services. If they have a website then you can check there too, but make sure you have any ad blocking software disabled because sometimes the coupons they share may be in ad format. When you see a coupon anywhere online check to see if the website you're getting it from is legitimate. A good idea is to just try to use one but let the clerk where you go know that you got it online so when they scan it if it's fraudulent they know you weren't the one who created it and thought it was legit anyways.

Coupon codes are another way to save when you're trying to shop online. When you are trying to buy a product or use a service online, you're going to sometimes see that there's a space for a coupon code. If you ever see one of these, get onto a search engine and enter something along the lines of the name of the company along with coupon codes. Many websites exist that collect coupon codes for people to use and they let you know when they get new ones so you can try different products for different prices.

Finding out when sales are going to be can be a little tough when you are first starting. However, once you learn about when a store has a sale or when things generally are going to be on sale then it's a little easier to guess what's going on. There may be days of the week when a store changes its items on sale or perhaps you'll find out that they release coupons on a certain day each month.

Another thing to look for is when holiday sales or Black Friday sales are going to happen. The holidays always have items that are cheaper during them, like around Christmas there are going to be more sales on something like toys. If you're trying to get the best deal of the year then you have to go on Black Friday to get what you need and that's the best time since it's when every year stores give out deep discounts. It's just a pain for some because of the waiting in lines and that's why there's now Cyber Monday so you can save online instead.

Before you even go to a store it may be beneficial to give them a call to see what their deals currently are. Sometimes you'll get on the line with someone that's very good at telling you what they know is out there for a good price where they are working right now. It's always a good idea to see whether or not the person can give you information on when sales are going to happen before everyone else may be aware. This may get you into knowing what to expect so you're not spending time later trying to figure it out.


Anything you want to buy in the way of CDs, video games, movies, or even televisions can happen for a lot less if you know how to buy used. You can do this in person or online. There are ways to meet up with others as well if they have something you'd like. If it comes to you having to spend a lot of money on something new or a fraction for a like new used item, the choice is clear that to save money it's best to go the latter route.

Many people enjoy a lot of video games. This is a way to spend a lot of money if you are not careful. With many new gaming consoles costing you half a grand to buy and then games costing an arm and a leg too you can't really keep up if you're buying new all the time and come out ahead. Instead, go to a game store locally or a chain that sells used games and see what they have to offer. Also, you can wait a couple of months after a game is released for the price to go down new.

Large purchases like televisions can cost you a lot of money these days as well if you want something nice. There are people online though that you can find locally that may be getting rid of televisions or other large electronics like stereo systems. Find an online classified ad website and that way you can easily look at what people are selling and put up an ad about what you're looking for. Just know to meet people in a public place if you're going to meet up since you never know who is on the other end of a computer.

When you buy used, never leave before testing it if you're not buying it from a store of some kind with a receipt. Also, one thing people do at large retail stores is they return things in boxes with the right weight in varying items and steal the electronic. That means you need to open and check what you got in front of the person you bought it from to confirm it's there. If you find that the item doesn't work when buying privately then just decline and never walk away with something unless you can confirm it works.

Don't fall into the trap of buying items like new video games or anything else and then selling them to pawn shops or places that barely give you any money for what you bring in. Make very sure you're going to enjoy something and hang onto it. These places operate just to make money, and they don't care what you paid in the first place and know you're desperate when you come in. If you must sell something do it online on an auction styled website to get the most out of what you have.

Rent to own options are generally a bad idea and if you're thinking of going that route you may as well just save the money yourself and buy the item when you get to your goal. There are a lot of people that know they can swing a certain amount every week or so, but if you add up what you're really paying it's generally far more than buying it new yourself. If you're able to wait and save the money up yourself, you're saving a lot of money and a lot of headaches dealing with the rent to own people.


Clothing is essential to have in your home, especially since it's not really legal or comfortable for most to walk around without it! If you're trying to determine what it takes for you to benefit from saving on clothing, this is the place to be. It's always fairly simple to save on this because there are so many options to choose from. Getting something for every member of your family is possible if you utilize what you're about to learn about here.

When it comes to getting a deal there's no better place than a thrift or donation ran type of shop. These places have people bring in their used clothing; they wash it, and then put it out for very cheap prices. Generally they just charge a little so they can afford employees and to operate the store so it's going to cost you just a couple of dollars for a shirt or pair of pants. You'll be able to find something brand name even from time to time that's usually very expensive. Since this kind of store runs on donations you can check back often for different options.

Any clothing you need can also be found online for much lower prices. There are retailers that will even ship from their website to the store in your area so you can get the low prices from the Internet and not have to worry about paying shipping so you can pick up your items locally. Buying online is risky though if you can't read reviews or check the quality of the clothing. If you're going to go this route, work with a place that allows for returns if you're not happy so you're not stuck with something that doesn't fit or isn't what you thought it would be.

Some stores will allow you to bring in things that you no longer want to wear if they're in good condition. For instance, if you go to a clothing store that sells used kid clothing of good brands they may allow for you to trade in what doesn't fit any longer if it's gently used for store credit. When you go this route you'll want to make sure that you use whatever credit you have quickly just in case the offer doesn't stand for too long or if perhaps the store eventually closes.

Many stores will have good deals at certain times of the year on what your kids will need for school, especially during the time right before it starts. You'll want to get to any sale early if it's around this time because every other parent will probably be shopping during that time and you'll want to catch the best deals and the best clothing before anyone else can buy it all. Any kind of a sale you're going to be going to should be asked about if possible on the phone to see if that particular store is participating if you heard about it somewhere like online.

Don't give into your kids if they think that name brands are the only thing they want to wear. Teach them at a young age that this kind of thing doesn't matter, and that the brands don't define who they are. Even if they're wearing something used they should be thankful and any type of bullying they are dealing with should be brought up with the school or parents of the people who have the kid who is bullying.


A lot of people don't realize that if they're making a little amount of money and can't cover the bills, that they can get assistance from government or other programs. There are ways to get food, cash, clothing, and even vouchers for utility bills. Learning about this can save you if you're in a tight situation so you can get through it while being able to cover the basics.

Food stamps are a great way to get a few extra dollars a month to help your family eat if you're not able to make enough money to put food on the table. Even if you're just barely scraping by that few extra dollars can have everyone staying healthy instead of sticking with very unhealthy options. It's recommended that if you do get enrolled into food stamps you learn how to make your money go far instead of wasting it on candies and other things that don't help you stay healthy and fed for a long time.

Consider learning if you can qualify for cash assistance where you live if you have children or if you're qualified for any kind of disability. It's good to just go into a local office that handles these things or online to fill out the forms needed to see if you're eligible. A lot of the time you can do all of the programs like food stamps or cash help all at once and they can either deny or accept you. Always tell the truth on these forms because they will catch you for fraud causing either stiff fines or jail time in extreme cases.

People that have no way to get any of the government based assistance shouldn't lose hope. There are still great organizations out there that can help with getting you into a better place. You'll have a lot of luck, for instance, with looking into places in your area where you can get a free meal every night or week at a shelter or somewhere similar. It may not be much but if you're struggling every little bit can help you! Another place to try would be to go to a church or any other charity based organization to see if they give out clothing or have something like a food box they give out once a month.

Vouchers from programs for people that have electricity or other utility bills may exist and be useful to those who qualify. Generally if you do make some money but not enough to be considered well off you will qualify for many different programs. You'll want to look at your state's website on assistance or others you can find by looking for utility help. Remember that when your situation gets better to let them know because you don't want them to never work with you again if they find out you were collecting help but not needing it.

One should note that asking for help and looking for ways to get it aren't considered being poor or trying to game the system. People do get into bad situations, and you should realize that you pay into these programs when you're paying taxes a lot of the time anyways. These things are there to help those that do need it, so if you really need help you shouldn't feel bad for asking for it. It's better than going without and having a hard time struggling, and you can always get away from utilizing these programs once you get on your feet again. Just be honest and don't be afraid to work with the agencies that can help if need be.


If you're a pet lover and want to know what it takes to have a pet and not spend too much, this is the advice section for you. There are plenty of animals that don't cost a lot to take care of, and there are also ways to work with animals that may cost a lot until you know what to do to find out cheaper ways to care for them. Generally you will find that in any situation there is a way to save some money if you look around.

The first matter of business if you don't have a pet is to look for one that is cheap if you don't have a lot of money in the first place. Something like a rodent kind of pet may be a good option, but only if you don't go all out on cages and accessories. The same thing for fish - there are kinds that are cheap to have, but there are also options for aquariums and things that cost more than cars or homes!

It may be a good idea to get a dog or a cat, but you have to think about what that actually costs. Sure, you could have a cat if you wanted and not really do much but feed it and give it water, but in reality that's not good for the animal. You need to think about the vet, shots, what you'll need to do to fix the animal, how to pay for its food regularly, and even buying toys. This means you need to sit down before getting a pet to see what everything will cost in every instance while you own it.

There are ways to save money on things like getting an animal fixed or getting it shots so it can be vaccinated. The key to doing this in the right way is to just look around online and call around to varying vets to see what they have to offer for assistance in paying. Perhaps you could work out a payment plan deal with a certain vet if you're short on funds but have a sick pet. Remember not to just think something that's wrong will just go away if you wait, that could lead to a dead pet and a lot of sadness.

Don't try to skimp on pet food by buying the cheapest you can find. Before you do that, go online and see if you can find reviews and learn if that food is safe. In recent years people have found that cheaply made food and even some that aren't that expensive have been made in cheap factories with cheap materials. This leads to pets getting sick and even dying, so being cautious about the food will help you to know your pet is safe.

Always keep your pets safe so you don't have to deal with them getting sick and that costing you money to get taken care of. You'll want to always be mindful of what you leave laying around so that animals can't get into it. Certain plants can harm animals, varying different household chemicals, or even just a broken part of your flooring could injure your animals. Keep everything they could get into secure and never leave anything out if you're not sure of whether or not it's safe until you can find out for sure.


It's tough out there if you're not able to get a car right now or a new improvement done on your home. Once you learn how to start saving your money up for something you want, you can learn that it's actually not that tough to get what you want or need. To begin with a plan for saving it will be hard until you develop a habit that allows for you to save more than ever.

The first order of business is to get a bank account that you will use only for saving your money. It's ideal to get a savings account with some kind of way to add interest to it so your money can grow as more gets put into the account. This may be tough to benefit from if you're not saving a lot of money, but every cent counts. You have to remember that this fund cannot be touched, so it's best to just not consider it money to be spent. There are ways to get your employer to put part of your check into savings directly or any other kind of bank account so you may want to ask about that so you never get to see the money.

Avoid credit cards if you can because that's just like taking out a loan. This is something that can help you to feel like you can afford what you can't, but after a while you're paying quite a bit more than what the thing you bought was worth. Instead of doing this you can just save instead and won't have to deal with the troubles of a credit card company which can be tough to pay off and end up making your credit worse.

Payday loans and other kinds with high interest are silly to get if you're trying to save money. Sure, it does feel good to get a wad of cash from a place like this and then spend it, but in the end you'll be sorry when you have to repay it. Some people even get into a cycle where they have to get a loan out to help with expenses because they had to use most of their paycheck to deal with the repayment of the loan. Avoid this at all costs and just get used to saving money until you can afford something because it's much cheaper that way.

It's important to know that when you are trying to save for something but change your mind on it, you shouldn't just go and blow through your savings and get something else. Think carefully about what else the money could be for and don't make any rash decisions. If you were trying to get a car then change your mind and think it's better to get repairs for cheap, keep the extra money put away. Some people tend to think once they don't have a goal really it's best to not hang onto the money but emergencies can and will happen where you'll wish you kept it.

If possible it can be helpful to figure out what it takes to save double of what you need and that way when you do buy whatever it is you were saving for you still have enough saved back for a later time. After you spend the money even if you don't have extra, you should still keep saving when possible in that account for later. Saving money is a good thing even if you don't have to because life is random and you never know when that extra money could help you in a bad situation.


Knowing what it takes to keep your electric bills down can help you in the long run because it allows for you to have extra every month that you otherwise would have spent on it. There are many methods to help you save money on that and even some appliances that can be installed that can save you over time. Getting this under control now is going to help you over time and will pay off immediately when you start today.

The first matter of business is to think over how much you're using your lights in the home. A lot of money in your bills goes towards lighting, and many people don't really take time to turn off what they're not using. The other thing you can do besides watching how much you use your lights is to replace your light bulbs that use less electricity. While it's cheaper to buy cheap bulbs that are energy hogs, if you consider that just for a couple of dollars extra you can get lights that will save you more than that and last longer it's a good investment.

Appliances in your home are going to be something you have to make sure you get better versions of or at least make work correctly to save the most energy. If you can set appliances at a lower setting to make them use less energy or you can just use them a lot less then that's ideal. Sometimes you may find that your appliance is starting to get older and needs to be repaired, which could help it to use less energy. The last thing you can do if need be is to get a new energy saving version of the appliance.

Take some time to talk with your family about the energy they are using. Are they always leaving their electronics on or plugged in even when they're not in use? Most people think that when certain things are off or are charged they quit using electricity. This isn't true, and the only way to get this to stop is for you to unplug them. Also go over what they need to do when doing laundry as in what settings to use and why they should have lights off if they don't need them.

Never think that you can do any electric work such as rewiring your home or wiring up an appliance. This is important since you're going to find that if you make a mistake it can be dangerous. When you're working with electricity, it's a good idea to call in someone that knows what he or she is doing and that is licensed. If wiring is done wrong it could lead to things in your home getting damaged or even start a fire. By being cautious it saves you from having an even bigger problem that costs more than just getting a good electrician.

Go solar if you want to save money, but only do so if you can determine it will work in your situation. The solar panels you can place on your roof need to get adequate sunlight, and they also have to not get damaged by the conditions like the weather. If done right this could vastly cut the prices on what you're paying to the electric company. Another benefit is that you can actually get the energy company to buy excess power from you and give you incentives to help pay for the cost of the materials and installation of your panels.


Recycling is a great way to make some extra money, and there are also ways to make quite a bit of money if you do it right. It is a way to help out with the environment, and you can even have a few options to just do this kind of thing to get help with getting rid of the garbage around your home. People tend to think that recycling is a pain, but in reality it has many great benefits and may even save or make you money.

One great way to get some extra money if you drink soda or any other beverage in an aluminum can is to find a recycling center that pays for them. In some places you can get paid a few cents per can, and in others you can make money by bringing them in by their weight. In those places where you get paid per can, generally you have to pay that money when you buy the beverage so that does make it just getting your money back that you spent on it.

Scrap metal is a fantastic thing to go and sell by recycling it to make good money depending on the materials. Look for a place in your area that accepts it when you're doing something like throwing away metal roofing materials or something made of any kind of metal. You can get a lot more out of it than just throwing it out, though sometimes this can take a lot of work if the materials are heavy. Remember to only try to sell what you've been able to procure legally and that you own because otherwise it could be illegal for you to do so resulting in fines or worse.

The best way to recycle at home is to see if you can find a trash company that lets you do so by providing bins that you can use for each type of trash you have. It's important that you do this carefully because if you don't separate your garbage in the right manner then it won't be able to be processed properly. When you recycle it may help you to get a few bucks off of your trash bills too if they have a program for that but in the long run just the feeling of helping the environment may be all you need.

Another money saving tip is to recycle things you were going to throw out into other items. An example would be instead of throwing away varying magazines you could give them to your children to cut up and create art with. Something like an old desk could be re-purposed and be used as a shelf. Think carefully about what you're going to throw out because you never know what you could turn it into and then have something completely new that would have cost you money otherwise.

Leftover food is another great way to start recycling what you use because you can easily start to turn things you'd throw out into meals. People sometimes think that since they are tired of something after eating it once they won't want it again later. Be creative and turn that into a whole other dish, or even just give it away to someone that would find it to be good like a neighbor. Whatever you decide to do, if the food can be stored and stay good you never know it may be good to eat later so you don't have to buy food for that day.


Traveling can cost you a lot of money if you don't do it in the right way. Some people decide to bite the bullet and pay a lot of money because they don't want to take the time to look for deals. If you're really serious about saving money, then it will pay off for you to take your time to learn how to easily work with saving as you take trips.

Flying is a way a lot of people get to a place they're trying to visit. This is costly, especially if the flight will be a long one so you're going to want to look for deals. One good plan is to avoid buying tickets from the airline directly. You can easily get a discount if you go through a place that allows for you to get a ticket early for a better price. The website you look at first shouldn't be the only one, find many airline ticket websites that collect deals from everywhere and then decide who is giving you the best deal.

Hotel rooms, rental cars, and the flight you need to take can be bundled up. When you do reserve something you have to make sure that you contact the place that you booked with to see if the reservations have gone through. If you are able to confirm you're going to stay somewhere it is a good thing since sometimes the booking site or the company on the other side will make mistakes. Any time you find that someone has made a mistake work with them directly over the phone if possible to rectify it so you don't have to keep dealing with this.

Many people like to travel by vehicle to get to where they're going, so that's something that can also be saved on. Chances are if you're going somewhat close to where you are it's going to be less than flying only if you are smart about your choices. For example, if you are not bringing any food and have to rely on eating at restaurants or from gas stations that could end up costing you far more than flying. Also remember that if your vehicle goes through gas quickly it may cost you quite a bit and another vehicle or option should be chosen for your trip.

Always figure out what to bring with you that will help you to avoid spending money. In airports, for example, if you're bored and didn't bring any entertainment you may be stuck buying a book or something else at that airport. Chances are they are going to charge you far more there than anywhere else because they know you can't really leave and go out, especially if you're somewhere you're not familiar with. It's much better to try to bring your own food and entertainment items if they're allowed instead.

Try to make it a point to have everything you need packed and ready to go when you decide to take a trip. Make a checklist of hygiene items you'll need and make sure you bring extra of everything. Remember that if you're going to a hotel or similar kind of place you may be able to ask them for items like a toothbrush if you can since avoiding spending money is the goal. If you're offered a free breakfast or coffee, you may as well give that a shot too since you're probably paying a lot to stay somewhere when you travel.

Keep safe in an area you're not familiar with. Don't leave electronics in plain sight in a vehicle you're going to leave locked up because people may just break a window to steal what you have. If you want to travel at night then you should take a cab or get a ride instead of walking. Learn what the laws and customs are if you're traveling to somewhere like another country because getting into legal trouble or anything else can end up costing you money as well.


Don't try to get money loaned out to you if you're not sure of what you are doing. If you think that you can talk someone into letting you borrow money, make sure you know the conditions and whether or not they make doing this worth it. Sometimes borrowing money from someone is the only way you have to make ends meet. By doing this in the right way you're likely to have the person you borrow from as an option again in the future.

The first thing to remember is that when you borrow money, you have to pay it back when you can. Even if you can just pay it back in small increments it's better than stiffing someone. Remember that people will talk about what they did for you and whether or not you paid it back if it's a lot of money or if they thought they could trust you. Even if there's not an agreement legally in writing, it's best to pay off your debts because you never know when you may need help from that person again.

Sometimes when you borrow money from someone they will call it a gift. This is so that they can feel okay with it if you're not going to pay them back on time or at all. When this happens you can still make it a point to give them the money back even if it's a long time later. Even though they may not accept it, this shows good form and makes them trust that you're someone they can recommend other people can help out if need be.

Try to help people out when they ask if you can and they are close to you, but remember not to ever give anyone any money if you're already having issues. Remember that you can't depend on people to pay back anything they borrow, and it doesn't make you a cheap person to look out for yourself. Consider anything that you let anyone you know borrow to be gone forever and that way if you can't afford to do that you know it's a bad idea.

Borrow only what you need and don't try to get money from a lot of people all at once. To start to be known as someone that always needs money is a bad thing for the most part. It's fine if you have to get money from someone, pay it back and then have to do so again. The wrong thing to do is to keep getting more and more from people to the point where you can't pay anyone back and then everyone quits wanting to help you out. Think about how big of a favor people are doing for you and then it's easy to see that this should be something you don't take for granted.

It may be a good plan to remember what someone helped you with when you were having a hard time once you get your situation straightened out. On top of paying them back, at a later time you could also make it a point to give them a gift or to send a card. Anything that can show someone you appreciated can make you feel great and once you're in a better position you'll know that it's because of what they did for you.


Working these tips into your life is the way to go if you're tired of wondering where all of your money is going. Being cheap with things when you're living in your home is the key to making sure every penny counts. You can save the excess money and realize just how much you have been spending on things that aren't even needed.

People tend to want to save but they never get started. That's because they think they can just go one more week or one more paycheck and then they're going to get started. Don't be like that and start making changes as soon as you are done here. When you are able to get one or two things changed and see how well it works then it's easier to do everything else mentioned here.

Will you be able to become rich by just working in a few tips? No, but you will have an excess in the long run that you can use for whatever you want. It's important that you are willing to at least give one or two of these options a try just to see what sticks for you and how much you can save overall. Even if you're saving just a few dollars each week that really does add up over time.

The methods that are here should work for you no matter how far into the future you read this. That's because they are tips that have worked for people for so long and will continue to do so unless money isn't used any longer. It's safe to say that you should hang onto this advice and go over it from time to time until you can put all of these tips to good use.

Sharing these guidelines with others is also recommended so that you can help everyone around you to start saving money. Being cheap isn't about trying to cut corners until you're mooching off of others, it's about simple lifestyle changes that make things a lot more cost effective to do. It's good to think of it as a way to maximize what you make as an income, and not a way to cheat people or be totally cheap to where people get annoyed with it!

Create a list and go through and pick out what you've learned here and get to work on starting to make it part of your lifestyle. That will help you because then you have a checklist to go over so you don't forget what you learned or what you think is going to help you out. Going back over the advice a few times and making sure that you understand everything can help you out. Of course, if you're not sure of how to utilize a certain tip or you're confused in any way it's good to just fire up a search engine and look more into what you're interested in.

All of the time you spend each day forgetting to watch what you spend is going to make you someone who isn't maximizing his or her lifestyle. Once you start to work through everything it becomes a little clearer that there are things you do each day that aren't very intelligent when it comes to money. It's probably because the way the world is set up, they want you to spend every penny so that those who are making and selling products and services can get the most money possible. It's up to you to break this cycle and use your new knowledge to save!