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How To Seduce Your Wife And Drive Her Wild

Author: Sharon Digweed

How To Seduce Your Wife And Drive Her Wild

Book Series: Better Sex life

Marriages will age with time

Over time, any marriage will become a little bit stale. People talk about the seven-year itch and how people start to argue and stray when they have been together for a long time. But unfortunately, over time, a relationship can become a bit mundane, and your sex life can suffer.

If you want to improve your sex life, you will need the information in this book to help you learn to seduce your wife and drive her wild with pleasure. For many men, after years of marriage, particularly when kids come along, you tend to forget about sex, and if it happens at all, it is a half-hearted affair.

From the wife's point of view

For your wife, though, she will end up feeling quite disconnected from you without sex because sex for a woman helps them to connect with their man. Sex helps a woman feel loved and wanted, which makes her feel secure, which will then, again, help improve the quality of your relationship.

What the next few hours will teach you

In the next few hours, you will learn how to rekindle that romance with your wife, remember how to seduce her again, and drive her wild in bed, which will increase the quality of your relationship significantly. As a result, you will feel connected, she will feel loved, and your day-to-day living is going to be much better for both of you.

You will learn what your wife wants and how you can romance and seduce her, which are two things that are often forgotten in a marriage, but vital for your wife to be happy.

You will learn how to treat her so that she feels love, how to turn her on, and the things that she expects from you. Then, when you can bring the romance and seduction back into your relationship, the difference will be startling for you.

You will learn different techniques of pleasure

You will learn different techniques for pleasuring her, which she will love you for. Then, when you know how her body works and what excites her, you are going to be able to give her all sorts of pleasure, often without sex, so that she feels very connected and close to you.

A marriage is a lifelong commitment, and when you take the time to seduce and pleasure your wife, you can rekindle the love and passion you both felt early in your relationship. It is much more likely to last when your marriage has a healthy sex life. Learn everything you can from this book and use it on your wife to drive her wild and bring her closer to you again.

What Your Wife Wants

To drive your wife wild, you will have to understand what she wants. You will satisfy her with this valuable insight into her mind because you know what she needs to feel happy and satisfied. While she may be pleased with you giving her gifts, she also wants more intangible things from you, which she considers more essential. Giving her these will make her happier, making it easier for you to seduce her and drive her wild, as the emotional component is vital.

Quality Time

For a woman to feel loved, she needs quality time with her man, not just time, but an actual quality time where you are connected and engaged with each other, rather than just sitting in a room and staring at a TV, laptop, or tablet. These days we all have a lot going on. Taking the time to connect and spend time together will help you both feel connected and close, which is the first step in driving her crazy.

The problem for you as the man is that you cannot multi-task like your wife, which means you are watching TV or listening to her, but not both! This can lead to stress and arguments. But if you pause or switch off the TV when she is talking, or stop what you are doing and give her your full attention, she will appreciate it and feel that you value her.

Help Her Out

She would appreciate you if you could do something to help her out. For example, if she struggles with a jar lid, open it for her. If she is struggling with the shopping, help her carry it. When you do these little things for your wife, she will feel that you appreciate her. When she feels valued like this, she will feel closer to you, which helps you rekindle your passion for each other.

Appreciate Her

Whether your wife works or looks after the home, she still does a lot, and she wants to feel that you know this and appreciate her. You should be starting to see a pattern here in what she wants. She wants you to notice her, respect her and show that you think about her and value her. For a woman, having that mental connection and feeling connected like that means she will get more excited around you, and turning her on becomes easier.

Simple Affection

Women love it when you are affectionate with them, and something simple like holding their hands, gently rubbing their neck or shoulders, kissing them, and so on can make a massive difference for them. These will often get forgotten about in a marriage as the stress and worries about life get on top of you. By remembering to give your wife simple affection, you are showing her that you care, which means she will be more open to seduction and pleasure. Being cared for and loved is very important for your wife, and these simple minor signs of affection can make a big difference for her.

Being Understanding

Part of being loved and valued by your wife is knowing that you understand her. The two of you are meant to be the closest of friends, and she wants you to know her and feel that you know her, as this will help her feel close to you. You may not understand her completely, women are mysterious creatures, but you can at least show you are trying to understand her, which will go a long way to helping her feel loved.

Women operate very differently from men. First, you need to understand that seduction and sex for a woman are much more of a mental process than for a man. You need to know that she has to feel loved, wanted, and valued to let go sexually and let herself go wild.

How to Romance Your Wife

If you want to seduce your wife and drive her wild, you will need to learn to romance her. We will talk about seduction in the next chapter, but we want to take some time to look at romancing her, which will make her feel valued and loved, which will make seduction much easier for you.

When you were dating your wife, what did you do together?

You were doing something right because she married you! Take some time to date her again, taking her out for a meal, the movies, or something else you can both enjoy. Fit in a date night at least once a month because it will strengthen the emotional connection between the two of you and make sure she feels loved and appreciated.

Your wife needs to know that she is important to you, and you need to do things that make her feel important. This means buying her flowers occasionally, sending her a message or calling her to tell her you love her, sending her a card to work, going for lunch during the week, and so on. Do little things that make her feel valued, and it is going to help her feel very connected to you.

Be imaginative in planning events out and evenings in with her. If you try hard, she will do the same for you. So be creative when it comes to romancing her, and it will be worth your while.

Take care of yourself

If you want to romance her, you need to start taking care of yourself. It is very easy to let yourself go to pot, but pay attention to how you dress around your wife, lose some weight, and generally make yourself more attractive to her. This will tell her that you want her to feel attracted to you. It is easy not to make an effort because you take her for granted, but she will notice when you make an effort, and it will help you a lot with seduction.

Loving Words

Tell her that you love her and tell her regularly. The more you say this to her, the more it will mean to her. A big part of her psyche wants to be loved, and telling her is a superb way to make her feel close to you.

Be thoughtful and considerate to your wife because that will help her feel attracted to you and make her more responsive to your seductive techniques. Kindness is fundamental in a marriage, and it will help your wife feel valued and connected to you because she will know you care.

As a part of romancing your wife, take the time to tell her how attractive you find her because the more you tell her, the more you will feel connected to her and vice versa. In addition, it is a great way to show her you appreciate her and are attracted to her - two very important things for her.

Quality Couple Time

A part of romance is ensuring that you get quality time together. So when evening comes, and the kids are in bed, the dishes are done, and everything is tidied up, you may feel exhausted and just about ready for bed.

However, it would help if you made an effort to have some quality time together, no matter how busy you are. The quality time will build an emotional connection between you and help her feel very close to you.

Take the time to romance your wife, not just once a day but many times every day. It will build a solid emotional connection between you and help keep your relationship healthy and happy. In addition, it will make seduction and driving her wild much easier!

How to Seduce Your Wife

Seduction is very much an art, but it is also subjective, meaning that every woman has her likes and dislikes. As her husband, you are likely to know already what she does and does not like, and it could be a case of remembering what you used to do before you were married. However, pretty much every woman will find certain things seductive. So there are some universal things.

As discussed in the previous section, your wife needs a strong emotional connection for seduction to be effective. Therefore, if you give her what she needs, as discussed before, she will have a strong emotional connection to you.

Fore-Fore Play

Start the seduction early on and let her know you think about her, but be subtle. You will be able to judge whether or not she is up for it, so you can then start to drop hints and build that anticipation she needs (more on that later).

Spend some time complimenting her, telling her how attractive you find her. Spend some time building that emotional connection with her and ensuring she knows just how much you love her. Make sure you are genuine and do not try to manipulate her, as she will see through you.

Connect With Her

During the day, reach out to your wife and ensure she knows you are thinking about her. Ask her how her day is going and pay very close attention to how she answers, as it will tell you what is going on. For example, if she tells you that she has an aching back, it is an excellent opportunity for you to rub her back later as part of the seduction. If something is upsetting her, ask about it and listen to her response. Then, reach out and connect with her so that you maintain and strengthen that emotional bond.

Plan Your Seduction

You need to plan your seduction because your wife will have a list of things she needs to do in the evening, and in all likelihood, you are far down the list if you appear on it at all! You want to move yourself to the top of her list. If you can knock some of the things off her list, she will have more time for you. Try your best to free up some of her time to have her me time with you!

Communicate With Her

When you get together in the evening, ask her how her day has gone and just listen to her. Make the appropriate noises when she is speaking and avoid your natural tendency to solve her problems. Instead, listen, be supportive, and pay attention to what she is saying to show you care and that you support her.

Set the Atmosphere

We will talk more about this shortly, but you need to settle down for the evening, so you need to set the atmosphere. Make the environment friendly for seduction, so tidy it up, set the lighting, play some music, run her a bath and let her relax for a bit. This will create an atmosphere she can relax in and enjoy the seduction.

Give Her a Massage

A massage is a great way to start your seduction. Either massage her back or give her a full body massage, though do not go near her major erogenous zones like her breasts and genitals, though you can tease her by lightly touching them occasionally. Pay close attention to any areas she said were bothering her earlier on. If you end the massage on the temples, face, and neck, then you can continue kissing either her neck and shoulders or her lips.


Your wife will feel relaxed, appreciated, and should be naked by this time! Wrap your arms around her and start to kiss her. You can nibble on her neck and shoulders, kissing her there as that is an erogenous zone that will really turn her on. Give her what she wants and let her take the lead, and it should lead to some great sex for the two of you.

Steps for intimacy

These are some of the steps you can take to seduce your wife, though you can vary these depending on your wife's likes, the situation, and the time available to you. For example, if you have kids, try to arrange for them to visit a family member for a few hours so you can spend some time enjoying each otherís company thoroughly.

Just make sure you show her your love and affection in a meaningful way for her. Woo her and romance her, like you did before you were married, and she will reward you with passion and affection.

Creating a Romantic Atmosphere

A big part of seduction and romance is to create the right atmosphere. Your wife will respond very well to the atmosphere, making seduction much easier. Before you set about creating the atmosphere, you need to make sure that the room is tidy, the kidís toys are put away, and the mundane distractions are removed.

Here are some of the best ways to create an ideal atmosphere for love and seduction.

Tip 1 Ė Candles

Women love candles, which most men just donít quite get. However, you need a particular type of candle as the paraffin candles, which are the most commonly found, release pollutants into the air as they are made from sludge at the bottom of an oil barrel. So what you want are beeswax candles. They are a bit more expensive, but they look fantastic and burn very well and cleanly. If you get fragranced candles, then even better, though make sure it is a fragrance she appreciates. Place all the candles somewhere safe where they will not get knocked over and use them as mood lighting, which she will understand.

Tip 2 Ė Say It with Flowers

Your wife will love flowers, and when you buy her flowers, you are helping to stage the scene for romance and love. Either buy her a bunch of her favorite flowers or get her some red roses, which are the universal symbol of love. Have the flowers in a nice vase in view, and they will help remind her that you love her and care for her.

Tip 3 Ė The Music

Have some soft, relaxing music playing in the background. It needs to be something that is not a distraction or too exciting, but something you can relax. You want sound in the background but something pleasurable. Keep the volume low and the music type soft.

Tip 4 Ė The Foot Massage

Your wife will love a foot massage so take the time to give her feet a pleasant rub using nice oil. She will love that it removes her tension and relaxes her, putting her in the right mood. You can also rub her neck or back as she will enjoy that a lot as well, and you can easily work from those areas into foreplay if required.

Tip 5 Ė Lighting

Soft lighting works well for seduction and romance, so you need to buy some lamps or use candles, as mentioned previously. You want to avoid the regular bulbs you have in your ceiling lights, as they are likely to be too harsh and too bright. Low lighting is more romantic, so take the time to change a few bulbs, buy a lamp or set the candles out.

Tip 6 Ė Stimulate Her Palette

As well as stimulating her body, you can also romance her palette with some great food such as wine, chocolates, strawberries, or cherries. Make sure that you choose sweet fruits, as many strawberries can be tasteless out of season. Also, you want a good quality, sweet wine that matches the chocolate, which needs to be good quality chocolates that she likes.

Tip 7 Ė Caress Her

Your wife will love to be stroked, and if you gently stroke her hands, arms, back, neck, head, and face, she is going to start to get very turned on. She will enjoy this touch; it is going to excite her. All you need to do is gently stroking her skin, and she will enjoy it. Donít rush this; use a very soft touch with your fingertips to start to drive her wild.

Creating the right atmosphere will stimulate her mind, which will go a long way to turning her on.

Remember that for your wife, a big part of seduction is psychological. By setting up the right atmosphere and preparing to seduce her, you will turn her mind on, which will lead to her body becoming excited too.

Driving Her Wild with Anticipation

Because sexual excitement is mainly a psychological process for a woman, you can excite her by building up the anticipation for romance and sex. Teasing and anticipation will excite her, and it can lead to some mind-blowing sex! Learning to master anticipation is the secret to exciting your wife and driving her crazy.

Learn to appeal to your wife

Everything we have talked about so far has been to build the anticipation and turn her on mentally so she is getting physically excited, and the seduction can lead to some hot sex. So learning to appeal to her psychologically will significantly affect your ability to turn her on physically.

Depending on the day, you can tease her and build anticipation differently. For example, in the morning, you can tell her that you have something great planned for that evening, but you do not tell her exactly what it is. Yes, it is a bit predictable, but it starts building anticipation as she wonders what you will do to her. You need to make sure you deliver on those promises!

When she gets in from work, you can take her to your bathroom and let her get into a nice warm bubble bath that you have prepared for her. You can wash her, though donít try anything sexually. You are trying to relax her. You can occasionally tease her, but your main focus needs to be on relaxing her. Leave her in peace so she can finish off and dry herself, at which time you can prepare the food or the room for her seduction.

You can then welcome her to the area you have prepared when she has finished, which will have low lighting, soft music, and smell great. Now is the time to give her a good massage if you want to relax and pleasure her further. By the time you have finished, she will be very relaxed and start to be sexually aroused.

Some physical stuff

Anticipation is about touching around her breasts, over them, under them, between them, and not just concentrating on her nipples. So now and again, you would stroke over her nipples and see the electrifying effect it has, but you do not focus on those highly sensitive zones.

By running your hands lightly over her stomach, pubic area, and inner thigh, you can turn her on. If you start caressing her vagina and stop, and then move back to stroking her, she will begin to get wild. You can even give her oral sex, but again you need to tease her rather than go for it. When you tease her and bring her close to orgasm and retreat away again, you are going to get her so wild for you.

Expert Level Tip

Now, if you want to drive her crazy, then just before you penetrate her, you can put your penis in her, but only a little bit, and move it in and out, without going any deeper. After that, she will start begging you to take her, and then when she least expects you to, thrust deep inside her and start thrusting hard. Itís going to really, really turn her on!

Fingers and Toes

There are many other ways for you to tease her and turn her on. Her fingers and toes are also very sensitive, though likely her toes will be ticklish, so you may need to avoid them. Instead, just suck on one of her fingers, lick around where her finger joins her hand, and that is likely going to turn her on. Not all women will enjoy their toes being sucked, so this is worth avoiding unless you know she will like it.

She will also like you running your hands through her hair and gently massaging her scalp. Next, you can gently tug at her hair and even run your hands down onto her neck and shoulders to continue touching and exciting her.

Adult Games

Adult games can be a great way to build anticipation and introduce new things into your lovemaking. You can find these online or in adult shops, and they are great fun, taking the pressure off you from initiating sex.

If you hinder one of her senses, for example, by blindfolding her or tying her hands down, you can turn her on because she has no idea what will happen next. This can be a great way for you to take your time to pleasure and excite her and build the anticipation up until she is begging you to make love to her.

Building anticipation takes some work, and it means you have to hold back your excitement until the right time. However, if you can build her excitement up, it will get to a level where she literally cannot take anymore and is begging for you. At this point, she will be completely wild, and you will have incredibly passionate sex. Therefore, it is well worth taking the time to build this anticipation, which is how you drive her completely and utterly wild.

Kissing to Turn Her On

Kissing is a great way to turn your wife on both as a precursor to sex and as part of seduction and affection. In a marriage, kissing can easily be relegated to a peck on the cheek or a perfunctory kiss more suited for oneís grandmother! However, getting kissing right helps bring you together, and it is a vital part of seduction and driving her wild.

Kissing your wife as you make love or during foreplay will be a big turn-on for her.

Kissing takes practice, and there are techniques to be a better kisser. If you can give your wife passionate kisses, she will respond well. It is a way of building a connection, increasing anticipation, and driving her wild. If you come up to her, give her your most passionate kiss, and then let her get back to what she was doing, she will be turned on and wanting more!

Passionate kisses take time and are not something that you can rush into. Instead, you need to take your time and give her a kiss that she will remember and be turned on by.

Taking Kissing Slowly

Take the kiss slowly, perhaps even kissing around her mouth, giving her little kisses before building up to the big passionate kiss. Kiss around her neck and shoulders and go up to her mouth, taking your time and warming her up.

Donít force the passionate kiss. Wait until she is ready and then go for it. Warm her up first and give her some smaller kisses to get her ready. Donít immediately go for the kiss and stick your tongue into her mouth. Instead, take your time and play it slow, licking her lips and gently probing with your tongue until you know she wants more.

Use your hands with the kiss as well, stroking her body, her face, and her shoulders, but avoiding the more obvious erogenous zones; stay away from her breasts and genitals. You can hold her hands and more, but try to avoid being distracted by anything. Concentrate on her, and donít let your eyes roam around the room, as it will show disinterest to her. You will not get the intimate connection you need to make the kiss passionate when you get distracted.

Becoming more aggressive

Your passionate kiss can be gentle, but there will be a time when you want a little bit of aggression where you push against her and show the passion before withdrawing and going back to teasing her and gently kissing her. Passionate and aggressive kissing is great just before quick sex, but when it comes to exciting her, you need to be bold then slow down again for a bit. After that, the burst of passion will excite her, and she will push against you, wanting more.

When passionately kissing, you need some moisture, but you donít want it to be drooly, as that is just not going to excite her as much as you want it to. So a good kiss is slightly wet, mildly moist, or whatever you want to call it, but you donít drool all over her.

Please don't hurt her!

When passionate, kissing some light nibbling can be exciting for her, but you need to make sure you donít get carried away and hurt her. Make sure that if you nibble her lips, it is done gently, as these are very sensitive areas, and it is very easy to cause pain instead of pleasure, which will quickly end the passion.

The chances are that your passionate kisses have diminished over the years of your marriage and are relegated to the odd occasion, if at all. You may need to remember how to kiss each other passionately, and it does require you to work in harmony with each other. You need to read her body language and know when she wants you to be more aggressive and when she wants you to pull back. If you try to be more aggressive or use your tongue and pull back, you know she is not ready for that, so just be gentle. Kiss her gently and use your hands and lips to build the excitement.

Passionate kissing is a great precursor to foreplay or a brilliant way just to excite her and show her you love and want her at any time. Use it to help build anticipation by giving her a passionate kiss and then leaving her hanging with the words ďThereís more of that later ÖĒ to leave her weak at the knees.

How Foreplay Gets Her Excited

The seduction process is used to get her ready for sex, but before the actual sex, you can start driving her wild with foreplay. This is where you build the passion up in her until she is literally begging you for more. Unfortunately, in most marriages, foreplay, if it is even performed, becomes a bit of a rut where you do the same thing every time. The routine might get her juices flowing, but it will not drive her wild!

By shaking up this routine, trying new things, and doing something different, you are going to be able to drive her wild because she is going to be so turned on that she literally will be begging you for hot sex!

Difference between men and women

A man can be ready for sex almost instantly, while a woman takes much longer to warm up. After that, she needs to turn on both physically and mentally for her to go wild.

Foreplay is a vital skill for a man because it gets his wife excited and ready for sex. Many women cannot orgasm through penetrative sex alone, so foreplay is necessary to get them to the stage where they can orgasm and go wild. You will get her much more excited by learning to be better at foreplay and taking the time to excite her.

Remember how it was dating

When you were dating, you would make out anywhere and take the time to excite each other before sex. Now due to the pressures of life, you are not likely to have the time or the energy for that. Try making out on the couch whenever you can, as that will bring back some of the excitement you used to feel. Donít try to remove her clothing. Just excite her, turn her on, and use your hands and lips to get her going.

By starting like this, you are not pressurizing her into sex but are taking the time to turn her on and excite her so she can go on to more foreplay and sex or stop if she isnít in the mood, which will happen on occasion.

Text Messages

If you are planning on seducing her, then a part of foreplay is to send her text messages to get her excited and build that anticipation. If you take the time to build that anticipation, then half the job of foreplay is done, and she will be much more excited when you get home.

If you are out and about with your wife, then you can turn her on and excite her by touching her. For example, if you know that stroking your wifeís hands turns her on, nothing stops you from stroking them and exciting her while you are out, so when you get home, she is turned on and wants to get down to it. Remember how when you were dating, you used to sit close to each other, touch each other, and so on? That is what you want to rekindle because it will excite her and turn her on even before you get into the bedroom!

It ain't a race

During foreplay, you need to take your time. It isnít a race, and you do not want to go straight for the breasts and genitals. Instead, take time to turn her on with other erogenous zones like hair, neck, shoulders, skin, legs, and so on. This advantage is that it will turn her on because she will want more. If you tease her by stroking her breasts or running your hand over her pubic area now and then, then it is going to electrify her. This builds anticipation, which excites her mentally.

During foreplay, you do not need to be rough as that is, in most cases, not going to turn her on. Instead, be gentle but firm, kissing her and touching her all over. This will heighten her arousal, which means she will get wilder and wilder for you!


As a part of foreplay, you can undress her slowly, turning her and teasing her as each layer is removed. You can use the undressing process to tease her further and build up the anticipation by hinting at what is to come without giving it all to her at once!

During foreplay, you donít want to spend too much time in one spot. Instead, move around her body because it helps to build excitement. When you find a spot that excites her, you can stay there for a while, then move on and return to it later. This is a great way to keep her excited without getting used to that one spot, which you are probably very familiar with.

Dirty Talk

As a part of foreplay, you can turn her on with some dirty talking where you compliment her and talk about what you are doing and other things that turn her on. Just make sure you donít stray into trash talk or use words she doesnít like. As you are touching and kissing areas, you can tell her how much you appreciate them and how it turns you on, as this will excite her.

During foreplay, you can use your passionate kissing skills. A passionate kiss can turn your wife on, so use the kisses to tease and excite. Go in for a deep kiss and then withdraw, going back to kissing her lightly, maybe on the neck, shoulders, or around her chest or breasts, though only occasionally brush your lips against her nipples, without concentrating on them.

Massages can work wonders

A massage can make a wonderful addition to foreplay. If you use good oil and give her a sensual massage, it will go a long way to turning her on. You can use your hands to relax her and use them to excite her and turn her on, taking little breaks from massaging to build the anticipation and drive her wild. If necessary, take a massage course to learn how to do it well, but if you follow your instincts, you will do well enough.

Take Control

During foreplay, she wants you to be in control, as that will excite her. So tell her what you want her to do, but be nice about it, e.g., ďLie on your back,Ē ďClose your eyes,Ē and more. Being in command lets her relax and enjoy what you do because she knows she can go with the flow. The more she is relaxed, the more excited she will become!

By touching, kissing, nibbling, and stroking, you can excite her and get her turned on. You can move on to oral sex if you want, more of that in a minute, which will further excite her. Whether or not you make her orgasm during foreplay depends on your wife. Some women can climax in foreplay and then enjoy sex, often climaxing again, but others will be too sensitive after orgasm and will not have sex. You know your wife, and you will know whether to take her to the heights of pleasure or stop before she climaxes.

Foreplay is a crucial part of driving her wild, and you need to take the time to excite and pleasure her. Donít rush foreplay, and remember that if you have built anticipation during the day when you get down to the foreplay, she will already be turned on and very much in the mood. This is all about exciting your wife and getting her ready for sex. If you do it right then, she will be begging you for more and be desperate for you to be inside her. This does require some control on your part because you need to hold back from your need for sex and turn her on, but if you can do it, you will be rewarded with one wild wife during sex!

Pleasure Through Oral Sex

You likely enjoy oral sex and think itís great, but women want it too. Called cunnilingus, it is stimulating for her if you do it right, and it is a great way to make her climax and drive her wild, particularly if you hold off from letting her climax until you have sex.

Some men love giving oral sex, some hate it, and others are ambivalent about it. If you have never given your wife oral sex, she is likely to go crazy with pleasure when you do, and if you do not do so often, it will excite her!

Good Hygiene Helps!

You will appreciate good hygiene for oral sex, much like she appreciates you cleaning yourself before she sucks you. Encouraging her to have a shower or running her a bath, as we have discussed previously, is a great way to ensure she is clean, and it will help her relax and get rid of the distractions from the day.

You donít typically dive in and get down to oral sex, it is usually a part of foreplay, so you take the time to excite her through techniques discussed earlier.

Positions for oral

Once she is excited, you can get into a position to give her some serious pleasure. The most straightforward position is for her to lie on her back with her knees bent, feet flat on the bed, and her legs apart. Next, you can lie on your stomach between her legs and have great access. Finally, your arms can go under her thighs and onto her stomach, or you can use your hands in more creative ways!

Vaginas are sensitive

Donít start oral sex by being aggressive and hard. Remember, her vagina is a very sensitive area, and if you are too rough, it will be uncomfortable and hurt, which will stop her from being excited and likely stop the sex.

So start slowly and appreciate her body. Kiss and lick her thighs, the area where her pubic hair is, as well as around her vagina. While doing this, you can gently brush against her labia or clitoris, which will have a very electrifying effect on her. Next, you can use your tongue to lick her from the entrance to her vagina up to her clitoris, like an ice cream cone! Please donít overdo it, but licking her like that while you are teasing her is going to send a pleasurable wave through her body. Just relax and enjoy what you are doing, as you will feel from her body, breathing, and panting just how much she is enjoying your ministrations!

More active oral sex

As she starts to get more excited, you can spread her hips and then begin to lick and kiss her. Lick around her labia and use your hands to spread her wide to see what you are doing. Of course, this will be a turn-on for you as well, which is great. Explore her with your tongue and pay attention to what excites her. Make a note of it and return to that area because it drives her wild.

Your tongue is amazing!

Your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body, and you have a lot of control over it, meaning you can drive her crazy with it. Your tongue is naturally lubricated, which will help keep her moist, which will help when you come to sex. Use your tongue to your advantage and her pleasure. Spread her wide and then thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina, licking around. Making love to her with your tongue is going to be a thoroughly erotic experience for her!

Vary the speed and pressure you are using with your tongue. Firm up your tongue when you want to be accurate, and let your tongue go looser when you are licking more.

The clitoris

Her clitoris is extremely sensitive and for many women is the best way for them to achieve orgasm. Donít start there, and donít start with too much pressure. Remember to tease her for her pleasure and then work your way to the clitoris. Start slow and gentle with it until she gets used to it, and then read her body language to tell you whether to go faster and harder or to back off a little.

It will be very effective if you concentrate on her clitoris, and then as her excitement builds, you can stop and do something else and let her cool down. You donít want her to orgasm too quickly, and if you build her up and then change the rhythm, it will lead to a much larger orgasm for her. It will also drive her wild because if you do this a few times, she will be begging you to make her climax.

Her clitoris usually hides behind a hood, and you wonít want to expose it before she is ready. The key is to pay attention to her body language and how she reacts to what you are doing to ensure you know exactly what she wants.

Exposing the clitoris

When she is excited, you can carefully expose her clitoris, and then you can lick it. This is going to drive her wild. Then you can take it in your mouth for a moment, suck on it and watch her go crazy for you! If you take it in your mouth and gently suck on it while flicking your tongue over it, she will get very excited. Depending on her preference, you can do this hard or gently, and it will turn her on.

Of course, you can add to this by using your fingers too, and she will be impressed with you! But, naturally, it will drive her wild, and you may have to tie her down to prevent her from grabbing you and forcing you to have sex with her!

The first thing you can do is use your finger to rub her clitoris in conjunction with your tongue. Itís going to really excite her, particularly if you slide your finger down and inside her while you keep licking and sucking her clitoris. Youíll notice how much pleasure it gives her when you are doing both of these things at the same time.

Don't get carried away.

However, please donít get carried away; remember she is sensitive down there, and you still have to be careful as you donít want to hurt her. Please donít put your fingers in too deep, and ensure that your nails are clean and clipped, so there is no chance of hurting her.

You can insert two or three fingers inside her if she likes it. Be careful not to stretch her too much as it will be uncomfortable for her. Start by inserting the tip of the second finger, and then as she gets wetter and more excited, you can push it further in. Most women will be happy with two fingers; some will enjoy three, with a few enjoying more.

The G Spot

One thing you can do with your fingers is stimulating her G spot. This is a rough feeling portion on the inside of her vagina. Insert your finger and bend it towards her clitoris, and there you will feel the G spot. Stimulate that as you are licking her clitoris, and she will leap up to the ceiling!

Donít be afraid to explore and try new things with your tongue and fingers. If you are in tune with her, you will be able to tell from the change in her breathing and body language whether or not she is finding something pleasurable. If she doesnít like it, then quickly stop and do something else she wants. Avoid using your teeth on her down there, as she will not like that, just as you arenít going to enjoy someone biting on your penis!

Anal Stimulation

While you can stimulate her anally during oral sex, not all women will like it. If your wife likes anal stimulation, then you can drive her crazy by inserting a finger(s) from one hand into her vagina and gently lubing up and inserting another finger into her anus. Lick and suck on her clitoris simultaneously, and it will get very explosive! You may find it hard to stop her from climaxing, but if you can make her orgasm like this and then move straight into sex, she is likely to have multiple orgasms.

Other Positions

While you can give her great oral sex in the position described earlier in this chapter, there are other positions you can use. The 69 position is great, but it can be distracting for one or both of you. She can sit on a chair, and you can kneel between her legs, or she can even sit on your face, and you can lick her. The latter position is great if she wants to be in control, as she can then easily move down and ride you.

Oral sex will drive her wild, and it is worth your while to use the techniques in this chapter on her. Use it as part of foreplay or just to drive her wild at any time. Imagine how she will react if you sit her on the kitchen table and lick her out for no reason other than to give her pleasure. If oral sex doesnít always lead to sex, it is okay, and she will feel loved and wanted. However, using oral sex as a part of foreplay will excite her and get her wild so that you can have passionate sex together! Use oral sex to excite her so much that she has multiple orgasms during normal sex, or just use it to warm her up and get her ready for some hot action.

Enjoying More Passionate Sex

After years of marriage, the sex can get a bit boring. After all, youíve been together for a long time, you know each other, and it all gets to be very much the same. This is one reason for the so-called seven-year itch Ė youíve tried everything with your partner by then, and your eye naturally strays as you want something more. Often you can feel your relationship is lacking and that you are not happy with your partner, which is down to the fact that you do not have the sexual relations you did when first dating or married.

Great sex, though, is mainly in the head. You and your wife need to be excited and close to each other to enjoy passionate sex. A part of it does come from the physical. If you drive her wild with everything you now know, you will be in a position where you will have much more passionate sex because she is so turned on and excited.

Feeling good about yourself.

For you to have great sex, you both need to feel good about yourselves and each other. Looking after yourself, going to the gym, and shedding those few extra pounds will go a long way to helping you feel better. And if you are physically fit, you will be better able to enjoy an active sex life. As you get older, your core muscles weaken, which will affect your ability to have sex. How will you be able to sustain the thrusting motion required for passionate lovemaking if your core muscles are almost non-existent? Quite simply, you canít, so hit the gym or start working out at home and get yourself, fitter. Improve your core muscles and stamina through some cardio to have the energy and endurance to give your wife crazy hot sex.

For a woman, sexual excitement is a more mental process, so you need to take the time to excite her and bring back that sexual tension you used to feel before you were married. Then, through building anticipation, kissing, and making out, you can revive that tension so that when you have sex, it is hot and passionate.

Going on dates

A great way to reignite that passion is for you to go out together. After being married for a while, many couples never go out by themselves. They may go out with the kids, with other people, or separately, but they rarely get out and just spend time together. By taking the time to go out together, you can rekindle some of that passion by having some intimate and close time together. Make sure you go out somewhere you can both enjoy and somewhere that you can be intimate. The real intimacy can wait until you get home, but the making out, kissing, and touching may not wait that long!

The advantage of going out like this is that you are away from home, so you can start the passion without having your house around you. So often, your house harbors negative feelings for yourself and your wife because you have argued and fought there, and these can, particularly in the worst cases, be difficult to get over. So if you can get away overnight, children depending, then do so because you will find it much easier to be passionate when away from your home.

Communication is key

One of the primary keys to having passionate sex is communicating with each other. If you do not talk about what you both like, what works, what you would like to try, and so on, you are never going to learn more about each other.

For example, if your wife did something different that you enjoyed, or even something the same, tell her you enjoyed it. Then, during sex, you can ask her if she likes it, not in a whiny, low confidence voice, but you can use it as part of the sex by asking her confidently, ďDo you like that?Ē Of course, she will answer, and usually, it will be positive and include demands for more.

By talking like this, you are learning what you both like. Paying attention to body language will work and give you a good idea, but talking about it can help you be passionate by better understanding each other. Often talking about it will bring back memories, igniting desire and leading to hot sex!

Making noise during sex

Making noise during sex can help with passion. If your wife lays there silently, how do you know if you are doing something right or not? Likewise, you need to make the right types of noise to let your wife know she is doing something right, plus the noise will turn her on. When you are doing something that is causing her to make a lot of noise, you can tell her ďI love it when you moan for meĒ or ďThatís it, let me hear how much you like it.Ē This will tell her you are turned on by her noises and often excite her even more.

Most of the time, you may use the missionary position for sex, but if you shake it up and use a different position, it will excite your wife and help drive her wild. Likewise, introducing new things into the bedroom, whether sexual positions, sex toys, light bondage, and so on, will help make for more interesting sex and keep the excitement going. Donít feel the need to use a dozen different positions every time you have sex, but by all means, introduce something new. Bend her over the bed or something else to make it more interesting, spontaneous, and different from the norm.

The bed is one of many places

The bed is just one place you can have sex. Often it can be more passionate if the sex is spontaneous, which means having sex wherever you happen to be. This could be over the kitchen table, in the bathroom, on the sofa, or wherever you can. If you remember when you were dating, you would have sex almost anywhere, so being creative helps you recapture your youth and keep the passion alive. It also means no waiting around to get into the bedroom when the mood hits you.

If you are watching something sexy on the TV, there is nothing to stop you from having sex on the couch. But, instead, you could find a deserted area and have sex together outside, which she will love, though make sure she feels safe and that she wonít be seen.

Look out for different ways for the two of you to have sex and have different types of sex in other places. It is much easier to be passionate if you can take action when the mood strikes, which may not always be practical, but you should try to do it where you can. The spontaneity of getting excited and having sex will let the passion flow and can drive her very wild.

Regular Sex can also be good

Remember that you do not have to have exotic sex to have great sex. Sometimes the missionary position can lead to incredibly passionate sex when accompanied by good foreplay, lots of kissing, and a strong emotional connection.

Innovating on sex will surprise your wife and excite her because you can guarantee she will like the variety and the passion. But unfortunately, for the majority of couples who have been married for years, the passion dies as reality, and even age takes over.

Sex can last for as long as it needs to. Sometimes you need a short burst of passion or a quickie, perhaps in the back of the car, the bar restroom, or wherever you can manage it without being caught. Sometimes the sex is a long passionate lovemaking session in the comfort of your bed, after a romantic evening of seduction and foreplay. Donít rule out the quickie, though, as your partner will enjoy it, and it can be a fantastic way to let out your passion for each other.

Focus on your wife's orgasm

As a man, you need to focus on your wifeís orgasm, particularly as many women struggle to orgasm just through penetrative sex by taking the time to drive her wild and turn her on. If you can hold back your climax until she is ready, then she will love the feeling of you climaxing together or you finishing just after she does. It is a very erotic feeling for her and will help her feel very intimate with you.

If you have taken the time to build anticipation and turn your wife on through foreplay, then you will end up with some very passionate sex. But by making an effort to excite her and act on your spontaneous desire, you can rekindle that passionate sex you used to have and enjoy each otherís bodies.


A marriage is a lifelong commitment, and it is essential for you both to be happy in it. One way to spice up your marriage and make it more interesting is to improve your sex life. By learning how to seduce your wife again, you can rekindle the feelings and passion from when you were first dating.

Remembering what she wants and how you can give it to her will help bring back the passion and romance to your relationship, which will make you both happier.

Also, as your sex life starts to dwindle after years of marriage, learning how to drive her wild will help you both a lot because it will help your wife feel more intimate and emotionally attached to you.

There is a lot of information in this book, and it is easy for you to get overwhelmed by it all. Donít try to do everything at once. Just take one thing at a time and try it out. Notice its effect on your wife, and see how much it excites her and helps your relationship. As the two of you get more intimate again physically, you will feel much closer, more in love, and stronger as a couple.

Every woman is different, and with all of these techniques, you need to understand your wife to a degree or read her body language, so you know whether what you are doing is working or not. Pay attention to her breathing and how she moves because it will be obvious when you are doing something she enjoys in sex and equally obvious when you are doing something she doesnít like.

Introducing techniques

As you introduce these techniques into your marriage and start romancing and seducing your wife, the overall quality of your marriage is going to improve. Having a strong physical connection is vital to a good marriage, and the techniques in this book will help the two of you connect on an intense level and feel very satisfied together.

Rekindling your sex life can help your marriage endure the main reasons for infidelity being boredom or lack of sex at home. Neither you nor your wife will think about cheating if you are satisfied with each other and have a healthy and active sex life. With everything from this book, you will improve your sex life, which will go a long way to help your marriage last.

Marriage is hard work

Any marriage is hard work and requires effort, but if you take the time to make that effort, it is very rewarding, and you can both enjoy a long and happy marriage. Sex is a big part of work and happiness, but there are many other aspects of your marriage you can work on. However, having a good sex life creates a strong emotional bond that helps you resolve other issues you might be facing. With good sex, the worries of the world can fade away, you can concentrate on your feelings for each other, and the world seems like an easier problem to tackle.

Enjoy applying these techniques and, more importantly, enjoy the new feeling of intimacy with your wife. As you start using everything in this book, you will gain a stronger relationship, a happier marriage, and rekindle many feelings from when you were younger and dating each other.