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How to be attractive

Author: Danny Peters

How to be attractive

Book Series: Personality How Tos

  1. Introduction

Body language is a certain something that can be defined as being mostly unconscious and nonverbal communication that comes through using postures, gestures, facial expressions and much more. When looking with the trained eye, body language and attraction can bring about a lot of thoughts having to do with the current emotional condition of just about anyone. As a matter of fact, there are numerous studies that have shown communication that takes place between two people who are in conversation face to face will actually consist of somewhere around 35% or less on a verbal level and then around 65% of a non-verbal level.

You can see examples of this just about everywhere that you look in your everyday life. Maybe there is a woman who is starting to become self-conscious of the extra weight that she has gained and you will notice that she works to cover up her mid-section with her top or tries to be sure that her dress is smoothed down over her legs. A guy who may be unhappy with their appearance may sit down with his legs crossed, having his arms folded while showing a frown on his face. What is it that causes people to take on these roles when it comes to body language and what can be learned about how they can feel and become more attractive so that they do not present in such a manner?

There have also been studies done throughout the years that will show that women can be much more perceptive than men when it comes to a number of things. It is a simple fact that a lot of men are just not wired to be as perceptive as their female counterparts. As a matter of fact, you should know that the average woman actually has around 14 areas or more in her brain that is fully dedicated to communication, whereas the man will only have somewhere between 4 to 6.

While this does not mean that guys will never have any hope of being able to understand body language or how someone is perceived as attractive to another, it will simply show that some men will have to try to make a conscious effort to try and read another person's body language. The woman, on the other hand, will be able to do so almost automatically or subconsciously.

This is an eBook that will help you to learn all about what it is that makes one person attractive to another and how you can become more attractive with a little bit of effort. In some cases, it may be as simple as learning some new gestures or trying to seek the right type of attention of someone that you may be interested in. These actions, postures and ways of communication can be crucial to your ability to not only look and feel more attractive, but to hopefully attract someone that is going to be worthy of your companionship and eventually your love.

It will be important that you learn more about yourself if you are hoping to pinpoint whether or not someone is trying to indicate that they like you and at the same time you will want to know how you can present as being attractive back to them. The more that you look into thoughts, movements and feelings, the easier it will be to become more attractive and hopefully fall in love with the person of your dreams. It is simply a matter of finding out what exactly does the law of attraction tell you when it comes to the potential of a new love interest.

  1. What Does Body Language Say?

If you are unfamiliar with the way in which body language works, it might just happen where you will be unable to understand what certain gestures or postures mean. Someone who is not sure what to look for could end up getting mixed signals or even feel as though someone might be attracted to them when they are really not. Learning all of the different ways that a man or a woman moves and carries themselves can go a long way towards helping you interpret a variety of signals and just about any facet of body language that will ever present itself.

A good example is someone rubbing their arm with their hand from the opposing arm. This is something that can be an indicator of many different things, including a sore arm or that they are cold, maybe they have negative feelings or they could actually be nervous. It will all depend upon some of the other gestures that are being used by the person in question at any given time. Then, you can take into consideration any of the circumstances that might be surrounding certain gestures that are being observed.

If you see a woman who is sitting with a shorter skirt on and she crosses her ankles tightly, there could be a number of different reasons why there is such a gesture or posture. Crossing of the ankles will sometimes be associated with defense and negativity, however the length of the skirt should be taken into full consideration. If she is crossing her legs tightly, she may simply be trying to ensure that there will not be any sort of a slip where something will show that she will get embarrassed about.

When it comes to body language and how we can be attractive, it goes without saying that practice will certainly make perfect. This is an area that will be a little bit vague from time to time as this is something that may not be so easy to read. At any given time, there can be a lot of factors that will go into body language, so the more time that you can dedicate to trying to learn the patterns and movements of other people around you, the easier the time you will have of understanding just what their body language means. In most situations, you will be able to enjoy the reading of body language as well as learning how to use yours as being somewhat of second nature to you.

  1. The Eyes Have It

A person's eyes will often be a deciding factor when it comes to initial attraction to another person. This is why the eyes have often been considered to be the window of the soul as they can give a great deal of insight to not only the thoughts or feelings that someone has but also the way in which you are able to flirt with someone that you are interested in.

Dilated Pupils - Did you know that when someone is in a positive mood, they are enjoying the person that they are with or they are in agreement with something that is being said that their pupils will begin to dilate? Whenever someone is feeling negative, they disagree with what someone is saying or they are unhappy with the person that they are around, they will usually have pupils that begin to contract. Because of this, the eyes are looked upon quite often by police officials and investigators as a telling way to find out whether someone is being truthful or not. The study of the pupils as they contract or dilate is known as something called micro gestures as they are not able to be controlled consciously and they can go undetected by someone who does not have a trained eye.

Dilating pupils can be a good indicator that the person you are talking with likes you, however you will want to take the gesture into consideration in terms of context. Changing levels of light can also play a role in the way that pupils will contract or dilate. Lower light might mean dilated pupils while brighter light will make the pupils contract. Either way, looking for micro gestures will be a great way to evaluate whether or not there are certain hints being given by someone as you look them in the eyes.

Looking Up - A common gesture that is used by women to make them more attractive to a man is the simple lowering of the head at the neck and then looking up towards the person that they are interested in. This is a gesture that inadvertently makes them appear to be more childlike in nature and it can evoke somewhat of a parenting reaction for not only men but also women. If you find that someone uses this gesture on you, it is not uncommon to think of it as being vulnerable and sometimes cute. When you want to be playful and more attractive, you may want to try to use the looking up gesture to see what type of a reaction you might be able to get.

Eye Contact - Showing interest or respect can be done easily if you are able to make lots of eye contact with the person that you are interested in. The more quality eye contact that someone makes with you, the higher the chance there is that the person has a fondness for you. There have even been studies done that show that even if you are not actually the one initiating the eye contact that the more you look into their eyes, the more enjoyable or romantic you may find the company to be.

It is always important to remember, however, that too much eye contact in the early stages of a relationship can start to make someone feel insecure or pressured on some level. If you are trying to really make a good impression on someone, you will want to build up a friendship and rapport with them initially, then you can gradually move on to increase the eye contact that you are giving to them as you are involved in conversation and more.

  1. A Smile Can Speak Volumes

You may already know that a good smile can be a great indicator as to whether or not you like someone or whether or not they happen to like you. However, some people, especially men, will not realize that there are all different types of smiles. Each smile can mean something completely different than the next so it is always good to learn more about smiles in general as well as the normal mannerisms that someone seems to show you in conjunction with their smile. With that being said, if someone smiles at you, you can take the initiative to go over and talk with them.

At the same time, not every smile is going to mean that they are looking to get to know you better. You will also want to make a more conscious effort to make sure that the smiles that you are giving off are not attracting the wrong people to you. There are a lot of people that will inadvertently use a fake smile simply because they are nervous or they want to appear somewhat more submissive or approachable. Learning how to notice a fake smile will be easy for most people as it will generally only involve the muscles of the jaw. A true smile will be one that will involve both the muscles of the jaw along with the muscles of the eyes or a whole-face smile.

True smiles have been known to show what are known as crow's feet, or the wrinkles that form around the eyes. A person will usually show their teeth in a fully visible manner when they are showing you a genuine smile. Giving off such a smile can be deemed as attractive, show that you like someone or a number of other positive things. Learning more about the differences in smiles can teach you more about the actions of the person that you are dealing with.

Tight Lipped Smile - This is the type of smile that you will see quite often in your everyday life and it comes across as exactly how it sounds. The lips of the person will be stretched across the face almost forming a straight line, yet the teeth are never visible. Most often, you will see a tight lipped smile from someone who could be hiding something from you that they are not willing to share. There are also a lot of women who will use this type of smile if they are not wanting to show that they like someone, while a lot of men are truly oblivious when it comes to the hidden meanings of this smile.

Looking Up Sideways Smile - This is actually a combination of a tight lipped smile with a looking up gesture from the information prior about what the eyes have to say. The sideways, looking up smile is a good one used by a lot of women when they want to really show someone that they like them and they are being coy. Quite often, this is a smile that will bring out some of the caring and more parental instincts in men that will see it as being juvenile and even playful in nature.

  1. Hand Gestures

When it comes to the hands, there are two major things that you will want to keep in mind. First, open palms or seeing the palms of a person's hands will suggest everything from liking and honesty to playfulness and openness. Closed palms, or when you can only see the back of a person's hands will tell you that they could be closed to your ideas, they feel as though they are being talked down to or that they are actually hiding something that they do not want you to know.

You may find that there will be some good examples of open or closed hand gestures in your everyday life. If someone is apologizing to you, you will usually see two open palms that are facing you with each one of the "I'm sorry" comments that they add. The open palm will often give off the impression that a person is being completely honest with you, letting you know that you can take their gestures to heart, realizing that they are trying to confirm with you any feelings that they have.

Have you ever noticed how a child acts whenever they have been caught doing something wrong or lying? Kids will often talk to you with their hands in their pockets or hidden behind their back, being a good indicator that they are closed off and they are unwilling to talk. Keep in mind, however, that there are a lot of other factors that can always be at play when it comes to hand gestures, including someone being cold or there could be something else. The bottom line is, reading hand gestures or being conscious of the gestures that you are giving off can tell you a lot about any given scenario.

  1. Arm Movements

Knowing how to be more attractive will mean looking at the way that you move in general, even when it comes down to your arm signals that you are giving off. In some cases, the arms can be looked at as a barrier that acts as a way of protecting someone from harm. Arm gestures can often be used when someone is feeling threatened, lacking when it comes to self-confidence or simply does not want to hear something that a person around them has to say. While arm movements are not always a direct indicator that you do not like someone, they can tell a whole lot about any potential for negative feelings that may be present.

Helpful hint: If you are giving off repetitive arm gestures that could be deemed as negative along with a crossing of the ankles or legs, you are usually letting them know that you are growing bored and ready to change the conversation.

Arms Crossed Over Chest - Having both arms folded over your chest is a universal signal that you may already use quite often. You are giving off the notion to other people that you are uncertain, you are not happy with a given situation or you are not agreeing with what someone else is saying.

Elbow Touching - The majority of people will enjoy being touched by people that they care about. Did you know that there are actually studies that have shown that whenever people touch someone's elbow that they are usually more liked than those who do no touching at all? Elbow touching is often considered to be acceptable in most circles because the elbow is far enough away from the intimate parts of the body. Simply think about touching a stranger on another part of their body that is either below or above the area of the elbow and you may get a jarring initial reaction.

Girls are quite known for doing a lot more touching than guys. Keep in mind, if you are a girl and you touch a guy on their elbow, it could be a sign to them that you like them or that you are trying to get their attention.

  1. Body Position

The body will often point in whatever direction that the mind wants to go. The types of angles that a person will stand in while talking to someone else can start to give off clues to not only the way in which they are feeling but also to the area that they would like to go.

Open Positioning - Think back to palm gestures where a person likes you or they happen to be interested in you and the same can be said when it comes to the open body position. This is a point where the body is spotted when you look at the angle of their body in relation to yours. For a friendly encounter, you can point or position your body at a 45 degree angle that is in relation to theirs.

Closed Positioning - This is a point or position that is often used when there are two people who are looking to have a bit more in terms of intimacy. There will be a change from the friendly angle of the body at 45 degrees to one at zero degrees where two people will be facing one another. If you are looking to be more attractive to someone and want to show them that you are interested, this closed positioning can be a great indicator. Whenever you are ready, you can try taking a step towards them, moving into their intimate zone to see if they are comfortable.

  1. Legs and Feet

As mentioned earlier, the body will start to point wherever the mind would like to go. This will be true of a woman when she is using her feet and she will normally point them towards the most desirable guy that is in the room, with the same going for men looking at women.

If you watch carefully, the same will go with the position in which the legs are pointed.

A man's knee will usually end up pointed in the general direction of a woman that they happen to find attractive. When you think about it, as soon as you notice that someone is wanting to get away from a conversation or to leave the room, their feet will start to point towards the exit.

  1. Flirting and Attraction Gestures in General

Whenever someone is in the general vicinity of the opposite sex, there will be a drastic change in the body language of both genders. Men will often stand up a little bit taller without slumping and slouching or they may try to suck in their stomach and stick out their chest to make them seem more dominant. Most of the time, this is a gesture that will be done whenever they are around someone who they like a lot or that they are developing some sort of attraction to.

If a woman starts to take a bit of a liking to a man that she is around, it is common for her to start to respond to gestures that he is giving off simply by tilting her head, drawing attention to her breast area, exposing her wrists or even touching her hair. These are all things that will usually be done on a subconscious level and will work to make her look more submissive and attractive to the male in the room. At the same time, there are a lot more gestures that are known when it comes to deliberate flirting and attraction, yet these are made consciously.

Attraction Gestures Often Used By Men

Most of the time, men will not have a large collection of attraction gestures when compared to women. Whenever a man starts to like a woman, he will start to show off gestures of attraction that will emphasize and highlight his overall masculinity. You will usually see that they will expand their chest, pull their stomach in, talk deeper or even start to straighten their back. Men will also start to use their thumbs when they are talking as a sign of masculinity and dominance or even tuck his thumbs into his belt or pocket, pointing them towards his crotch area to give some emphasis to his male genitalia.

Attraction Gestures Often Used By Women

Men are lucky for the simple fact that a lot of women are wonderful when it comes to sending out a collection of signals and gestures that will let him know just how interested she is in him. Unfortunately, a lot of women will lose out simply because the men are usually going to have a difficult time determining what a woman is trying to tell them and they will be oblivious to whatever is coming at them. What will make things worse is that some women will send out a few mixed signals that will lend to the confusion that a man may already be feeling with some of the gestures that he is trying to interpret.

Whenever a woman starts to look around the room, if she sees a man that she might be interested in she will send a bit of a gaze his way until she is able to catch his eye. While this first look will usually only hold eye contact for less than 30 seconds before she looks away, there is a lot to be said about this bit of communication between a man and a women. Along with this, many women will perform a collection of other gestures that will help to try to give indicators to a guy that she likes that she is very interested.

Women will quite often use a body movement or gesture that involves the flipping of their hair around a guy that she is starting to like. She will usually take her hair and flick it away from her face by moving it over her shoulder. Even women who have a shorter haircut will use this method or they will take their short hair and bring it behind their ear while talking to him.

There is also the self-touch motion or gesture that a women will use when talking to a guy. This is a more intimate or involved gesture where she may stroke her neck or her thigh in a slow and sensual manner. Usually, this will be done to show the man that he is in the running and he could have permission to touch her when the time is right.

The limp wrist is another more involved gesture that women will subconsciously give to a man that she is interested in as a way to show him that he could have the potential for dominating her. A similar motion to limp wrist is referred to as the exposed neck and it is exactly what it sounds like. While talking to a man, the woman will move her head to one side in a tilted position so that she can show her neck to the man. A man will see this gesture as being submissive in nature, just as the limp wrist movement.

  1. Do You Present Yourself as Single?

Whenever someone sees another person that they like, often times the only thing that may be keeping them from approaching them is the actual thought that their crush may not be single. Think about a girl who is attractive seeing a group of people that are in her vicinity and someone in the group, a guy, has caught her attention. She will more than likely start to use the gazing technique to see if the guy will pick up on the fact that she seems to be interested.

Many guys in this situation can be a little bit slow on the uptake or they may be nervous, so the woman may then make her way over towards him so that he will have a bit of an opportunity to try and talk to her. Just as she makes a bit of a move, the woman notices that the man that she is looking at is standing near another girl who is attractive and seems to be part of his group. This will beg the question of "Are they together?" Is so, she will want to stay where she is or should she think about going over to see what happens next?

Personal Space

There have been studies done that show that the closer two people are on an emotional level, the closer they will sit, stand or even lie next to one another. Stop to think that there is a bubble which surrounds every person, encompassing them and a small surrounding area. To the person in the bubble, everything that is inside of it is looked at as being theirs and part of their personal space. The actual size of this personal space will depend from person to person, yet it will not differ a whole lot.

Whenever there are two people that are very close, they will often stand a couple of feet away from one another. However, those that are a lot closer emotionally will be able to enter into this space and anyone else that will try to make their way in will actually start to make the person feel as though their space is being invaded. Most of the time, the person in the bubble will start to move away or take a step back from the person that is getting too close.

Personal Claim and Touch

Most people will lean against something or touch it if they feel as though it is theirs. A good example is that a person will usually lean against their walls when they are at home, yet they would never do the same if they were invited into someone else's home. Lovers will have the ability to brush against or touch each other's arms, hold hands or touch one another in a loving manner.

When it comes to a sign that a woman will show that she is laying claim to a man is placing her palm flat and firm against his chest. This is similar to the way in which a man will often place his hand around his partner's waist or on her back. One of the most important things to remember is that we will often touch the things that we feel are ours and we will often do this in a number of different ways. When you are trying to determine if someone likes you or you are trying to be more attractive to someone, you will want to watch for even the slightest touches, including the arms, fingers and even the feet.

  1. Making Yourself More Attractive or Datable

Even though there are some people that may think about being more datable as being more attractive, there is a lot more to it than that. Whether you are confident that your body language is going to be able to help or if you realize that there are more things that you can work on, there are certain tips and tricks that you can keep in mind that will help you to draw in the perfect partner. When you want to be more attractive or datable, you will be best off understanding why some people are able to land a good relationship while others are not.

Confidence - The minute that you start to work on your ability to be more attractive, you are going to find that your confidence level will start to rise. In some people, you will often find that a great deal of confidence will be their most attractive characteristic. Confidence has actually led a lot of people into incredible relationships that they may have never dreamed to be possible and it can help them to bring about conversations that will later turn into a beneficial and lasting intimate relationship.

Appearance - Confidence is a stepping stone that will help you once you start to care more and more about your appearance. There are quite a few people that will take your appearance into consideration immediately and jump to a decision as to whether or not they would like to try and date you. This is why it is always best to try and maintain a quality appearance so that you will have a boost in your own confidence while also projecting yourself onto others in a positive and attractive light.

Self Esteem - This is actually one of the most important steps you will take when you are trying to become more attractive to others. Once you have worked on honing your body language skills, you will then want to bring on a new level of self-esteem or self-respect. If you are not able to feel good about the person that you are, you will never be able to feel good about another person so that you will have the ability to treat them the way that you should. Understanding your value and knowing how special you are will go a long way to making someone realize that you are worthy and just right for them.

Career - Always be sure that you are working in a job or a career path that you are happy with and proud of. There is a lot to be said about someone who has confidence in their job performance and takes pride in what they do. Because of this, the type of job that you have and how you feel about it can have a strong impact on your overall personal life.

Social Skills - As you are maintaining your appearance and building up your self-esteem, you will find that you start looking for more and more ways that you can enjoy some interaction with other people. The profile picture that you have up on social media sites or the outfit that you have on for an evening out will bring some decent attention your way. Having the right amount of social skills will make sure that you have the ability to know what to say once the appearance gets you the attention that you have been looking for.

  1. Signs That There is an Attraction

These are all different signs that you can take into consideration either when it comes to trying to tell if someone finds you attractive or whether or not you are giving off good signals to them. The more attractive you feel, the better the chances you will have of bringing someone into your life that is worthy of what you have to offer.

1. Whenever someone is attracted to you, it is common for them to start to guard you as if you are theirs. If someone tries to approach you to see if you are available, the person attracted to you will often times step up and answer for you. Some may even go as far as trying to keep other people from the same gender out of your bubble until they have the ability to get close enough to you where they feel secure.

2. As mentioned before, body language will play a very vital role in telling you whether or not someone is secure while they are in your presence. This will include open arms or hands and even legs that are not tightly crossed so that they have more of a relaxed look. This is actually their way of letting you know that they have given you their attention and they are very interested in everything that you have to say to them.

3. Someone who is attracted to another person will do their best to keep up with the actions of the one that they are interested in. Whenever you are not around, for example, they will often ask where you were or even tell you that they felt as though they missed you.

4. Someone who has their eyes on you will start to mirror your posture without realizing it. If you start to sit back, lean forward or stand, they will usually start to mimic you.

5. Anyone who is curious about you and is starting to like you will begin to focus only on you even when others are around. Most likely, they will pick out reasons that they can use to relate the conversation to you and even start to ask you more personal questions.

6. As mentioned before, eye contact will be a very noticeable indicator that someone likes you whenever you talk to them. There is a distinct possibility that he or she will start to squint their eyes a little bit to give you a hint that you are looking into their eyes and that you are interested.

7. Someone who likes you will start to exchange eye contact with you on purpose, making it known to others around you as well that they are very interested, all the while hoping that you will notice that they are looking at you.

8. If someone finds you extremely attractive, it will often be difficult for them to remain calm or seem uninterested while you are talking to them, smiling or engaging in eye contact with you.

9. Someone who really likes you will start to want to get to know you on a more intimate level. Whenever you talk to them, it will be common for them to ask personal questions to see where they can relate or even start to fit into your life.

10. If he or she finds you attractive, they will try to work at finding out whether or not you are single or if you are in a relationship with someone. If all else fails, they will ask.

11. Compliments will most likely come your way from someone who has taken a liking to you. They will have the full intention of making you feel good whenever possible, hoping that you will have the same feelings back and feel good about them overall.

12. A person who has developed an attraction will try to find different ways that they can be near you. This might mean strategically positioning themselves so that they can be around you, then continuing to do so until they have the ability to be as close to you as possible.

13. Anyone who likes you will try to find different ways that they can touch you without it being too awkward. The first touch may be the previously mentioned comfort zone, or elbow touch. From there, the second touch could be a playful one, with every touch after that becoming more and more intimate.

14. If you notice that someone is starting to favor you in competitions, the chances are that they like you.

15. If someone wants you, they will find ways that they can flirt with you. This can be done through talking or body language, but either way they will not shy away from telling you just how they feel.

16. Trying to get full attention is another indicator that someone is attracted to you. It will be common for them to feel agitated when you are paying attention to someone else.

17. Do you feel as though someone is trying to make it so that they will feel needed by you? This is a good indicator, especially when they will work on offering assistance in a variety of ways to show their usefulness.

18. Always engaging in conversation is another sure sign that someone is attracted to you. Whether they are asking you a single question or they are jumping to answer one of your questions, you will usually see that your love interest will go well out of their way to talk to you.

19. Attention grabbing is another solid indicator that someone is interested in you. It does not matter if they are walking by, sitting next to you, asking you questions or simply looking at you, their main goal is having you look at them.

20. Someone who has confidence and wants you will tell you that you are looking good. This is openly showing attraction and not being afraid of it.

21. A person who likes you and has the courage will tell you that they like you and why. They will also usually let you know exactly what it is that attracted them to you and why you are interesting to them.

22. If there is someone who likes you, yet they do not have the right level of confidence, they will often try to keep from making quality eye contact with you. They may always make it so that they are available for you to see them, yet they will start to act as if they do not see you simply because they are lacking the confidence to interact.

When you stop to think about it, this is a great one to use to your advantage if you are able to recognize it. Try to get into their way and see if you can make it so that they will say excuse me and then smile at you. This is a small interaction but it can be a good way to break the ice and hopefully they will be able to talk with you now that you acknowledged that you noticed them.

23. Once someone likes you, the chances are very good that they will begin to give you things without being prompted. Many of these things will be objects to try and win your affection.

24. When someone really wants to get to know you more and you are attractive to them, they will take the initiative to ask you out on a date. This is a chance for them to spend some special one on one time with you that will allow for direct interaction so that they can hopefully get to know you better.

25. You will often have a number of different opportunities to interact with people if they like you. Whether it is giving you their email address, telephone number or even adding them on a social media website, they will be able to find a number of ways to allow access to their life.

26. There may be a hint of nervousness in your presence if someone likes you. These people may speak more slowly as they are trying to make a great first impression.

27. If you notice that someone seems nervous, take the initiative and make yourself even more attractive simply by recognizing it and allowing them to feel more comfortable with you.

28. Someone who cares about you and has an attraction will not let anyone put you down and they will always look out for you. At the same time, they will never let you start to get down on yourself for any reason.

29. Once a person likes you, they will always make a point to remember the things that you tell them. Your words and your actions will be a constant force in their thoughts.

30. Whenever someone says your name before you even tell them, try not to get alarmed, as this could simply mean that they were looking for a way to get to know you.

31. Pulling you out of a crowd to find out more about you on a one on one level is a good way of knowing that someone is interested. This is done to try and show you that they want to focus on you and they would like to discuss things with you without having any sort of a distraction. Some people may pull you from the group and ask if you would like to have coffee or even see if you would like to take a walk to enjoy the evening.

32. Anyone who likes you will always try to find a way to have fun with you somehow. In addition to asking you out on a date, they may look for having you join in on a competition with them such as a pool team or dart competition and so on. This could also go hand in hand with flirting, teasing or even sparking a fun conversation with a few questions.

33. Someone who likes you will always give you their attention. When their phone rings or even vibrates, they will not answer it, but instead focus their attention on you. If something is important with a phone call, they will wait to listen to their voice messages.

34. Whenever someone is interested in you, it is common for them to inquire about you with people that you know. You will also tend to hear from others that this special someone has been asking questions about you and trying to pursue you.

  1. Being More Attractive to Find a Serious Relationship

Getting involved in a serious relationship can always be an exciting and fun experience for two people if they are looking to head past their friendship. You may have already made yourself attractive enough to catch their attention, now what will you need to do so that you can attract them even further? There are a number of steps that you can pay attention to that will help you to be more attractive and bring on the serious relationship that you have been longing for.

Lay It All Out

It is going to be very important that you make sure that each other knows exactly what your expectations are when it comes to a relationship. There will be things such as living arrangements, hobbies, and intimacy and of course schedules that will all need to be discussed so that there is an understanding of what each party wants to have and might be willing to give up. This should be a conversation that will lead into or even halt the thought of commitment.

What Is Your Deal Breaker?

More often not, there will be one or more things that a person will not want to give up when they are trying to move into a serious relationship. Of course, there are unacceptable things such as breaking promises, cheating and dishonesty that should never be tolerated. Some of the things, however that people will tell you is that they do not want to move to a certain area, or that they do not like your friends that are always around or even that they do not want to live with a pet in their household.


There are some people that will opt for a long relationship prior to marriage while others will want to only date for about a year prior to getting married. This is why it is so important that a couple gets together and talks about how long they actually plan on dating before any type of a marriage proposal would come about or even be accepted.

Marriage / Children

Everyone should always keep an open line of communication when it comes to expectations for marriage as well as having children. Once marriage seems to be in the future, the next logical step will be whether or not children will be coming shortly thereafter. While it may be a bit uncomfortable to bring up in the beginning, this is certainly one of the most important components of any relationship in being that you need to be on the same page in order for parenting to work.

  1. Show Your Personal Goals

One of the biggest ways to be more attractive to someone is by showing them that you have a clear set of goals and a path that you would like to follow for your future. This could mean having career goals or even knowing what you want in terms of the size of the house that you want to own or the number of children that you want to have. Anyone who knows what they want and they are not afraid to get it can be an incredible turn on for their partner.

While you are planning on pursuing a lasting relationship, you will see that set goals and a level of confidence will go a long way. Never try to force a relationship or work in a manner that will start to get in the way of your relationship. Even though it is okay to be proud and passionate about your career, you will never want it to take away from building your bond with the person that you love.

  1. Do People Find You to be Attractive?

What you should know is that an attraction is a whole lot more than simply how you perceive someone's looks. This will be more about a deeper, primal magnetism and while we can always be physically attracted to someone, we will be more likely to get drawn in by their personality, passion and their confidence. With that being said, being attractive is a whole lot more than just appearance.

Attraction can be the basis of finding your romantic partner, but we are also attracted to certain people that we would like to work with or even certain friendships in our lives. The same can be said about being attracted to a certain night club or a coffee house simply because we like the atmosphere or vibe. Attractiveness is something that is actually an essential part when it comes to understanding just what it is that motivates people. When you want to make it so that people want you, it is going to be important that you follow along with some simple rules of attraction.

1. Try Not To Be Boring - The human brain is really hungry and can become bored, demanding that they be fed with all sorts of entertaining tidbits. Simply being hot is not going to be enough to stimulate the interest of someone who could be a potential partner for you. The brain is normally attracted to those that are engaging, interesting and intriguing. Some people will act boring simply because they are afraid that they are going to be viewed as being different or even a little bit weird.

There is nothing worse than sticking to the same old, boring script whenever we meet someone who is physically attractive. If you are not sharing how you really feel or showing your true self, you are hiding who you really are. Keep in mind that fitting in actually stinks and it can be unattractive and dull all on its own.

2. Make It Short And Sweet - Getting to the point is another way that you can be more attractive and show it to potential love interests. You will find that someone will generally judge you from the very minute that you walk into the room so making a good first impression will be everything. Get right down to it upon meeting someone and hop right to the point within the first thirty seconds when the initial attraction kicks in. Yes, you heard right, there has been research that proves that the human brain will decide in under a minute of meeting someone whether or not we would like to sleep with them.

While you may get a little bit more time than a simple 30 seconds to make your first impression, this extension of time is not by much. The human body does have a way, however, of telling within one single second whether or not someone that we are looking at is psychically attractive. While we may not even realize it, our brain is able to make an incredibly quick and long lasting judgment of a person upon first glance.

3. Know Your Hottest Traits - Do you know what it is that you like in a person? Are you attracted to their sense of humor, their eyes, their intellect or something else? Quite often, the most attractive trait that someone will have when it comes to someone else is their actual availability. When you are dating, you may start to wonder if someone else will want to date you or even marry you in the future. If you are friends with someone with seven long term partners, there can often be the question as to whether or not they will open up to you.

The same really goes in just about any situation. You should try to demonstrate your availability so that others will be able to sense it. Think of a scenario where you may be at a business networking event and you are trying to drum up some connections or business partners. You will want to let people know that are around you that you are invested and ready to be in a working relationship and that you are available. This same notion of availability will need to be conveyed whenever you are looking for a potential life partner.

At your next social event, make a point of telling several people that you are attracted to what you are interested in and why you are there. Let them know that you are looking for interesting connections and maybe even some sort of lasting relationship. This direct and to the point attitude will show that you are someone who knows what you want and you are not afraid of sharing it with others. Of course, there are always nonverbal ways that you can show that you are available.

4. Sexy Body Language - Seeing how body language is something that was discussed in detail earlier on in this eBook, it is important that you know just how important it can be. Open body language will be far more than a good hairstyle, the way that you move or an attractive outfit. The more that you know about using your body language in a sexy manner, the easier it will be to forge initial attractions with those that you are most interested in.

Always be honest with yourself and look at how you position yourself at social gatherings. If you have a nervous habit or you stand in a manner that seems nervous, you may not even realize it. Unfortunately, this is something that other people are going to notice. Instead, try to make a conscious effort to be more approachable instead of keeping your arms crossed or standing around with your hands in your pockets at a social event. You are bound to attract the right people when you are more available and approachable.

5. Be Happy - You would not believe how many times someone will get passed by simply because they are oozing negative energy into the room. If you are a woman at the bar and a man comes up to talk to you, it is never a good idea to go on and on about how awful your day was and how bad one of your friends made you feel. This negative energy can be a gigantic turnoff and keep you from being the most attractive that you can be. Instead, try to stay positive and happy while you are communicating with others, or simply try to say as little as possible if you have nothing good or nice to say.

6. Try Not To Judge - Believe it or not, there is a lot to be said about someone who comes off as snarky and judgmental. There are some people that believe that the way in which you speak of others is actually a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you love yourself and have a way of showing that, you are going to be much more likely to convey that onto others and you will present as much more attractive.

7. Never Stalk Someone - So, maybe you met someone that you are very interested in and you want to try to see them as much as possible. There is a fine line between showing that you are interested in them and stalking them in a way that is weird or creepy. Most people will be turned off by someone who follows them around, hangs on their every word or even tries to jump too deeply into a relationship right from the start. Instead, take it easy and never come off as a stalker or you may just find yourself entertaining a visit from your local police department.

8. Stay Loyal - One of the biggest turnoffs for someone is a person who is unable to remain true and faithful. If you are interested in someone, stop playing the field and show them that you are serious about the relationship. The right partner will be someone that you will never want to hurt nor will you feel as though your life will be complete without them. You will be more attractive to them when you not only show them this but you also make them feel it to be true.

9. Cut The Selfishness - Something that is very unattractive is a person who is all about themselves. Not only is this a huge turnoff but you will also run the risk of being too cocky or overconfident. Share of yourself with the person that you care most about and realize that you are not the only person that is in a relationship. When you can cut out the selfish actions, you will see that you will have a much better response from the person that you care about most.

10. It Is Not All About You - If you want to be more attractive to other people, you have to get past the notion that everything is and should be about you. Pay attention to the way in which you talk to others and make sure that you are not telling stories only about yourself or relating everything back to you. Instead of always making everything about you, it is going to be best that you let others share their day with you or talk about their feelings from time to time.

11. Step It Up - Nobody likes a person that is lazy. When you are in a relationship or you are looking for one, you can't expect the other party to constantly put all of the work in. When you want to be attractive and looked upon as desired by others, you will want to step up your game, get that job that you have been talking about and become the go-getter that you know that you can be.

12. Be Independent - There are a lot of people that will grow to develop a level of dependence on other people. If you are younger, you may have a difficult time moving out of your parent's home and going out on your own. When you have been living in a situation with roommates for quite some time, you may have grown dependent on the support system that they provide at home. No matter what it might be, the more independent that you are, the happier you will be and the more attractive you are going to be with any potential love interest.

13. Stop Nagging - When you have entered into a relationship with someone that you really like, there comes a time when you need to be conscious about the level in which you complain or nag. While a little bit might be healthy, constant nagging or complaining can become tiring for the other party to hear. Not only that, but you will not want to complain or put yourself down either as this can be a sign to others that you are negative and that there might be some underlying self-esteem issues.

14. Do Not Be Over Confident - Here comes the word cocky again. You can be confident as this is a trait that many people will find to be attractive, however there is something very negative about a person that is overly confident in the way that they look, act or perform. If someone likes you, that should be enough and there is never any need to drive it home that you are the best thing since sliced bread.

15. Honesty - If you were to poll a group of people from different backgrounds and those who are of different ages, you may find that honesty will be one of the number one things that they will say attracts them to other people. You could be the nicest looking person in the world, yet if you are unable to tell the truth and remain true to others or yourself, you have nothing. Honesty is certainly always the best policy and nobody ever wants to have to deal with a liar or someone who constantly skirts the truth for their own benefit.

  1. Do You Have what it Takes?

From the moment that you dive into the dating world, the chances are that you are going to start wondering how you can make yourself more attractive. The truth of the matter is that there is something different that will work for everyone and each person comes along with their own set of valuable traits. You need to work on being the best that you can be for you first. Only then will you be able to project yourself to others in a way that will show you in a more attractive light.

If you still need help or guidance when it comes to becoming more attractive, start making lists or writing own affirmations that you can read throughout the day. Knowing what areas of your life and personality that you need to work on will allow you to have the most success when drawing in valuable relationships. Tell yourself each and every day that you are worthy of love and that you have the confidence that it takes to get you everything that you need in life from your career to a love interest and much more.

In some cases, you will find love when you least expect it and the person who snags you up may meet you when you are at what you think is your worst. The person that you are meant to be with will be someone who loves you for you, with all of your quirks and flaws. You can work at being more attractive physically all that you want, yet if you are not able to work on some of your personal attributes then you are never going to be able to enjoy the type of relationship that you want and deserve.

No matter what, you do have what it takes to be your most attractive self and it is going to be best that you always remind yourself of that. The more confidence that you have and the way in which you carry yourself will speak volumes to anyone that you are interested in. Pair that with a great outfit, quality grooming and an opening line that is to die for and you are truly going to be a force to be reckoned with. The harder that you work at being more attractive from the inside out, the happier you are going to end up being in your lifetime.

So, how can you be more attractive? Sometimes, these answers lie within and only you can unlock all of the secrets that are going to get you the recognition that you desire from anyone that you are attracted to.

"I think sexuality is only going to be attractive when it is spontaneous and natural." - Marilyn Monroe