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    Craig Slonum
    Writing For Profit Series
    Writing romance for profit

    Have you ever though about writing a romance novel? “Writing Romance for Profit” is a short e-book that will put you back on the path to success. The author expertly guides you through the entire creative process, from start to finish.

    This book begins by helping you to understand the romance genre, and all its sub-genres. From there, you will be guided through creating a compelling main character and believable supporting roles.

    Once you have that under control, you will learn everything you need to make your plot believable: conflict, setting, scenes, and plot. And, when you are finally ready to publish your book, the author shows you how to get your writing from a simple draft onto readers’ bookshelves!

    “Writing Romance for Profit” is an excellent book that guides you step-by-step through the writing process. The author clarifies what makes a compelling story, and helps you to achieve your goals. It is a must-read for any author aspiring to write a romantic novel.

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