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    Lucinda Treves
    Sex Education
    Sex Education For Gay Men

    It is often very difficult for homosexual men and women to find the information they need about how to be safe in their sexual experiences. Many countries are now legally recognizing gay marriage, so it is important to quit treat homosexuality as taboo and provide education into this issue, just the same as provided for heterosexuality.

    This book offers a step in the direction toward sex education equality. It defines sex between two men, describes the parameters that should be used when engaging in sexual encounter (i.e., no one should be forced into doing anything they donít want to do), and discusses safe sex practices (sexual safety is not just about avoiding pregnancy).

    Finally, this book provides gay men with the encouragement they need to not be ashamed of their homosexuality and to be true to themselves and their partners. It presents solid advice on how to build a sexual relationship based on honesty, trust, respect, and love.

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